Cycloplombier, a concept aimed at revolutionizing craftsmanship in the city by avoiding surprises and riding a cargo bike

When a water leak or kettle failure is detected it is sometimes impossible to call in a plumber, or a bit like a game of poker! The first difficulty is finding a plumber quickly. The second is to avoid scams and plumbers who think about your bank account first before you escape!

Unfortunately, many reports tarnish this profession by showing crooked plumbers causing mishaps so the customer pays more. To curb both of these phenomena, a young Parisian start-up is starting Cycloplombier in Paris! Plumbers quickly available who travel the planet on the cargo bike and whose prices are completely transparent. Presentation.

This is Cycloplombier’s goal to reinvent the plumber profession, which is currently running a fundraiser for the KissKissBank. The project currently started in Paris could extend to the whole of France if the concept works.

Cycloplombier is the guy on a bike who is always smiling, always available, and whose prices you know in advance. Elian Alluin, founder of Cycloplombier, started the adventure in 2014 with the project of a simple, environmentally conscious and affordable installation without unpleasant surprises.

Fight against fraud

An alarming survey by the DGCCRF states that 6 out of 10 convenience stores are banned … Fraud is legion and our trust in our craftsmen is diminishing … Of course there are honest craftsmen, but when we make an appointment it is difficult to know what happened next!

Cycloplombier also wants to fight against this scourge. But that’s not all, the start-up wants to be environmentally conscious and will travel by cargo bike for interventions … For minor interventions, leak detection, seal replacement, no need to pollute the planet with delivery vans! If Cyclomplombier has to deliver you a boiler, the cargo bike is of course not enough!

The start-up wants to be environmentally conscious and will travel by cargo bike for interventions. Photo credit: CycloPlombier

The company is located in the 19th arrondissement and is limited there for the time being as the founder is the only plumber. But since mid-February, Romain, a plumber has been hired on a permanent contract. Simon also joined the team in April … Cycloplombier does not hire car entrepreneurs, but employees with open-ended contracts!

A campaign to grow

When Cycloplombier starts a KissKissBank campaign, it has to be able to grow! Buy equipment for the company’s now three employees, but also find a larger and better-located room to serve even more customers. The company has to raise € 35,000 and the contributions are actually future interventions (valid until 2023) … And if you do not live in Paris, you can always offer a service to a friend, a student …

A campaign to grow. Photo credit: CycloPlombier

Beyond being a plumber, Cycloplombier sends a strong message to all the craftsmen who work in the city! Yes, it is possible to be a craftsman and travel by cargo bike … Less time looking for a parking space and thus more time for the customer … Lean invoicing, for the craftsman and for the customer and of course the fuel costs, fewer parking spaces …

Q: Can you introduce your activities to our readers?

It all started in 2014 in the head of Elian Alluin. What if the real change was doing our daily jobs differently? Converted to plumbing, he gets on his bike to prove that craftsmanship can be environmentally conscious, affordable, and without surprises.

Q: Can you introduce yourself?

Do you live in paris Do you use social media to find a plumber? Then you probably know the name Cyclopombier.
Now do you see he’s a guy on a bike. Always smile. Always available. With a price indicated in advance. It always arrives on time. It repairs your water leak with state of the art tools and offers solutions for every problem. Crazy! That guy is me, Elian Alluin.

Q: Tell us about your project

Cycloplombier carries out repairs and repairs to individuals or small businesses in Paris. By bicycle. I founded the company in 2014. I’ve seen crazy things in 7 years. I think I can say that in 7 years of its existence the company has become a symbol of the transformation of the plumbing profession in the city and my cargo bike is now known to many Parisians. Today I need your help to extend this service to all of Paris and the surrounding area. We need a little help to find a room in the heart of Paris and to buy the equipment we need to work with.

Q: How did you come up with this idea?

In recent years, with the spread of fraud (6 out of 10 convenience stores breaking the law, according to DGCCRF) and its exposure in the media, the trust we have in artisans has completely disappeared … Given the ecological emergency, show In order for the bicycle trade to be possible, it is especially important to take back responsibility. If we want to restore confidence in everyday jobs, we need to show what role we can play in transforming society. It has become obvious in the city! The idea is that it will find its way into other minds and that the process will push other sectors to get started.

Q: What message do you want to convey through your action?

Cycloplombier is limited by the size of his plumbers’ calves and is now demanding public funding. The aim is to acquire equipment and premises in the heart of Paris that will cover the entire capital and the surrounding area. Cycloplombier needs to raise € 35,000 before May 23rd to make the initiative accessible to a greater number of people and to send a strong message to all craftsmen who continue to use a car in the city. It is possible to do something else.

One last word at the end?

Beyond the collected amount that we want to collect, it is a strong message that we want to send to all artisans who work in the city and continue to use a car. It is possible to do something else.

Thank you Elian Alluin.

A great idea, an interesting concept and Cycloplombier doesn’t want to be limited to Paris in a while … Because there is pollution everywhere and there is a lack of honest plumbers everywhere!

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