Dark matter: Gravitational portals could convert them into normal matter

Dark matter is one of the secrets that astrophysicists time and again fascinate. Our universe is indeed littered with this invisible and mysterious substance, with no researchers yet able to come up with a true explanation for its true nature. It has only been hypothesized since its discovery in the 1970s. Well, the latest theory involves “gravitational portals”.

This is what a team of researchers at the China Key Laboratory of Astroparticle Physics suggested in a study recently published in Live Science. According to them, thanks to these famous portals, it would actually be possible to convert dark matter into normal matter …

What do you mean by gravitational portals?

Dark matter and gravitational portal … it feels like a science fiction movie! You need to calm your excitement, however, as the explanations given by the astrophysicists at the China Key Laboratory of Astroparticle Physics have nothing to do with the portals you see in SF movies.

In an attempt to find the origin of the gamma rays that emanate in abundance from the center of the Milky Way, the researchers actually put forward a theory that random gravitational interactions would allow dark matter particles to destroy one another. It is these famous random interactions that are known as “gravitational portals”.

Photo credit: Shutterstock / andrey_l

Dark matter and gamma rays … a connection?

Led by Sun Xu-Dong and Dai Ben-Zhong, the study of these famous gravitational portals attempts to provide a plausible explanation for the nature of dark matter. The theory could also explain why the center of our galaxy contains so many gamma rays!

You should know that gamma rays, being extremely high-energy radiation, are mainly the result of high-energy events, such as the transformation of a star into a supernova. Yes, but this hypothesis cannot stand too much because of its abundance in the heart of the Milky Way! Hence the hypothesis that these rays would be aware of dark matter (in abundance everywhere) being transformed into normal matter by the portals! In this case, the gamma rays would therefore be a “by-product of high-energy electrons”.

These are some really interesting ideas, although the study hasn’t started with a grain of salt for the time being. In fact, it has not yet been analyzed and has therefore been confirmed or refuted by other researchers. We can’t wait to find out more!