Death of Alisha, 14, molested at school and drowned in the Seine: What we know

The basics A 14-year-old school girl was beaten on Monday in Argenteuil in Val-d’Oise and pushed into the Seine. The police are directing their investigation into a story of romantic rivalry. The victim was the victim of harassment at school.

The life of a 14-year-old teenager, Alisha, ended on Monday evening on the banks of the Seine at Argenteuil in Val-d’Oise. Two 15-year-old youths, a girl and a boy, were arrested and taken into custody. A story of jealousy seems to be at the center of the dispute between them.

Push the Seine in

A girl, a 15-year-old boy and the victim Alisha meet on Monday on the banks of the Seine at the Quai de Saint-Denis in Argenteuil in the Val-d’Oise. The boy and girl beat Alisha, who falls into the Seine.

Between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., the boy and girl return to the boy’s house and seek refuge in his room. The teenager had traces of blood on his clothes. He changes. He quickly tells his mother the scene. The mother goes to the bank of the Seine and discovers a bloody glove and a strand of hair. She returns to her house around 7 p.m., but her son is absent. She then goes to a neighbor who advises her to call the police. The mother goes to the Argenteuil police station at around 7:30 p.m.

For their part, the police went to the quay and located the teenager’s body in one meter of water and four feet from the bank. In the meantime, the teenager’s parents reported her disappearance to the police. They feared their daughter would run away.

The boy and his friend Théo and Juni are with a friend at night and are arrested at 2 a.m. You are still in custody.

Snapchat photos

At the beginning of February, the victim Alisha learned that naked photos of her were being spread on social networks. She claims that a student allegedly hacked her account and distributed the snapshot to her class group. Alisha and her mother are called by the facility, Cognacq Jay Vocational School, to advise them to file a complaint. Alisha finally decides not to bring charges. The student who is accused of distributing the photos is turned away as a precaution.

After the return of the February vacation, the photos are the focus of a fight between Alisha and the girlfriend of the displaced student. The girlfriend is fired again. A joint disciplinary council was scheduled for Tuesday March 9th.

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Who is Alisha?

Alisha was 14 years old. She was a third year student. Her mother, who was interviewed on BFMTV, said she was “very, very sad” about her daughter’s disappearance. She explains that her daughter was a good student. She was “a really good girl”. She was “the best in the world. It was my flesh, my heart was ripped out,” explains Jenny Khalid, the mother, who asks that “the murderers” of her daughter “be punished by the” law. ” that their daughter was threatened with death by the boy and girl in custody.

“I sold my son”

Théo’s mother told Europa 1 what had happened at his home. When the teenager came out of her room, he asked her if she had ever “done bad things in life”. Theo then tells his mother that he “typed a little,” explains the mother, who at the time believed in a simple argument. When the body was discovered in the Seine around 9 p.m., it fell out of the clouds.

“I am horrified, stressed and humiliated somewhere,” says Théo’s mother. “I sold my son”. This time she explains on BFMTV: “He’s a big teddy bear. He sits at his computer all the time. But he’s not the same since he met his girlfriend in September.”

A “love triangle”?

According to Theo’s mother, the teenager in police custody, Theo would have been in a relationship with Alisha, the victim who drowned in the Seine before falling in love with his current girlfriend. Le Parisien cited a police source as saying, “There is a story of jealousy between the two girls and, in the middle, the young man who attended.” One of Alisha’s cousins ​​confides in the Parisian: “We don’t know why they upset him”. For his part, the school girl’s younger brother explains, “She thought it might stop.”

The police are now working to determine the chronology of the facts, the motives and circumstances of the tragedy that claimed the teen’s life. You also need to determine whether the murder was deliberate or not. An investigation into murder has been launched.

The juveniles are referred to the Pontoise Public Prosecutor at the end of their indictment.

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