Death of Elisa Pilarski: Christophe Ellul is “in denial” of his responsibility because of his in-laws

The main relatives of Elisa Pilarski, who were found dead with dog bites in a forest in the Aisne in 2019, were confronted with Christophe Ellul, the victim’s companion, at the Soissons farm on Monday. Another step in the investigation.

On Monday, March 29, a confrontation took place in the Soissons Court between Christophe Ellul, who was indicted by dog ​​bites after the death of his companion Elisa Pilarski in late 2019, and the victim’s family, from whom we learned the indictment. “Christophe Ellul was present at a confrontation with Elisa Pilarski’s family today,” Soisson’s prosecutor Julien Morino-Ros told AFP, confirming information from BFMTV.

According to a source familiar with the matter, this confrontation lasted about three hours. On March 4th, Christophe Ellul, who always proclaimed the “innocence” of his dog Curtis, was charged with “inadvertently causing the death through clumsiness, recklessness, inattention, negligence or breach of an obligation of caution or safety (…) “of the young woman.
Elisa Pilarski was 29 years old and pregnant and was found dead on November 16, 2019 by her companion in a forest in the Aisne, where she was walking near a hunt for dogs on Curtis after “bleeding after several bites”. Prosecutors named Curtis solely responsible in November based on DNA analysis and bite tests.

“I’ll make him sting”

This Monday “we have been waiting for answers (…), but a year and a half has passed (that Christophe Ellul) denies that he does not know, that he does not remember” and “that he is manipulating justice”, regrets the BFMTV, at the end of that confrontation, the young woman’s uncle, Vincent L. The victim’s cell phone, which was sealed on the day of death, was “analyzed 15 months later at the request of a lawyer,” he continued.

Expertise revealed that she “took no fewer than 20 photos with Curtis walking with her on a leash in the Retz forest, but not being silenced,” he assured, specifying that these images “were timestamped were (…) five minutes before it was attacked “. “At 1:45 p.m., while Christophe Ellul is driving to the forest of Retz after my niece’s emergency call at 1:19 p.m., he will send my niece an SMS with the following words: ‘I got it stung’. From this one SMS he recognizes that his dog is the origin of my niece’s death, “estimated Vincent L. But” he does not remember having written this SMS, he says that he no longer knows anything. “

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