“Deconfinance”, “Telework”: New words closely related to Covid-19 are added to the dictionary

the essentials “Telework”, “Quatorzaine”, “Coronapiste” … Among the 170 new words in the dictionary, some reflect the current health situation.

This year, 170 new terms will be introduced in the 2022 edition of Petit Larousse iiillustré. New words that reflect our time and this vintage is no exception to the rule … it’s closely linked to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Le or La Covid in the dictionary?

Many ask the question: “Are we saying that or the Covid?”. Le Larousse states that the term can be used in feminine or masculine. The words “réa”, “serological”, “teleconsultation”, “cluster” are therefore added to the columns of the dictionaries, e.g. B. “SARS-CoV-2”, “restricted”, “click and collect” or “coronapiste” “which denotes a preliminary cycle path set up during the” deconfination “added another word. It is part of the daily life of many French: the verb “telework” is included in the Petit Larousse.

The dictionary evolves with society. The word “racisé”, which “refers to someone who is the subject of racist perceptions or behaviors”, is therefore added.

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