Deconfinance: What is the epidemic situation for this new phase of June 9th?

the essentials While June 9th marks a new stage in the country’s gradual deconfinance, epidemiological indicators show that the health situation is improving.

“The epidemic situation continues to improve a lot across the country.” For Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, on the eve of the second phase of deconfinance, which is scheduled for Wednesday 9 June, the indicators are “green at the macro level of the country”, as he assured BFMTV on Sunday.

According to the latest weekly update published by Public Health France on June 6th, epidemiological indicators are improving and pressure on hospitals is decreasing, to “reach a level comparable to that of September 2020,” according to the Minister is “.

Maintain lock gestures barrier

Olivier Véran points out that “the French are being vaccinated en masse, which is fortunate”. Nevertheless, he emphasizes “a reflex in some who hardly subside after the first vaccination dose”. A reference to the “vaccine syndrome” that worries the authorities.

“We have a certain number of first-time vaccinates in the ambulance service who did not receive a full vaccination but thought they were safe too early,” added the health minister, who insists on maintaining the barrier gestures as long as one has not received all the necessary vaccination doses.

The French national health authority also stresses that “in connection with the lifting of health restriction measures, the spread of variants of concern must always encourage the maintenance of all other control measures at a high level”.

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She notes that by June 1, 39.1% of French people had received a first dose and 18.6% of the population were fully vaccinated.

The situation is also improving in Occitania

According to government figures dated June 6, Occitania ranks 7th out of 13 among French regions in terms of hospital stays with 763 compared to 3,373 in le-de-France, for example, and has 146 patients sixth region on this point.

ARS Occitanie says there were 50 fewer hospital admissions and 14 fewer intensive care and resuscitation patients between June 1 and 4. Even so, there were 13 more deaths within three days.

The regional agency also stresses the importance of not subsiding too quickly in the face of the epidemic that is “not over”. “The decline in epidemiological indicators is not yet enough to reach the June 2020 level.” A signal that “reminds us that vigilance remains essential,” notes the ARS.

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