Deconsolidation in May and June: discover the key dates and measures announced by Emmanuel Macron

The essentials During an interview with La Dépêche du Midi and the newspapers of the regional daily press, the head of state presented his strategy for deconfining on the basis of a timetable that we explain below.

During an exclusive interview granted to the Dépêche du Midi and the regional press, Emmanuel Macron refused the four phases of deconfining that await us until the summer. The first stage will take place on Monday 3rd May when the travel restrictions end. Discover all of these announcements in detail.

From May 3rd: End of the 10 km rule

From Monday, May 3rd, the traffic restrictions will be lifted. The 10 and 30 km rules are no longer relevant and it is now possible to travel between regions. In fact, the certificate is no longer useful for day trips.

The reopening plan for May 3rd Elysée

On the other hand, the curfew remains fixed at 7 p.m. and non-essential stores must remain closed. Teleworking remains the norm.

The terraces will open again from May 19th

As of May 19, new restrictions will be lifted if the health situation permits. In concrete terms: if the incidence rate in a department or a metropolis exceeds 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the area reverts to the previous stage.

Reopening Agenda – May 19th Elysée

During this phase, stores that are not absolutely essential are reopened, as are restaurant terraces, which are limited to six people per table. On the cultural side, museums, cinemas, theaters and monuments will be reopened with reduced capacities (a maximum of 800 people inside and a maximum of 1,000 outside). The same ads for public stadiums and sports halls. Physical activities outdoors and indoors – with the exception of contact sports – are again permitted with an adapted protocol.

The curfew will be pushed back to 9 p.m. Gatherings of more than ten people are prohibited.

From June 9th: The health pass comes on the route

During this third phase of deconfining, cafes and restaurants can be reopened while tables for up to six people are maintained. Sports practice is expanded to include contact sports, but only outdoors. The curfew is set at 11 p.m. and the rules for teleworking can be relaxed.

Reopening Agenda – June 9th Elysée

In this step, the health card is displayed. This is required to attend large gatherings such as cultural events, trade shows, and exhibition fairs that can accommodate up to 5,000 people (maximum capacity). Foreign tourists can return to our soil with a health passport.

This health pass is available on paper or more simply in the TousAntiCovid application. The results of your anti-Covid tests and, if applicable, your vaccination certificate are merged.

From June 30th: end of curfew

Fourth and final stage of deconfiguration, synonymous with (almost) a return to normal life. On this day, barrier gestures and physical distancing remain relevant, but the curfew will be lifted.

Reopening Agenda – June 30th Elysée

The grouping restrictions or standards that apply in publicly accessible facilities no longer apply. All activities are re-approved, with most activities still requiring a health passport. Only the discos remain, always closed.

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