Deconsolidation: universities, high schools, travel … which will change in the first phase on Monday

The essentials This Monday, May 3rd, the deconfinance begins in four phases, of which Emmanuel Macron revealed the schedule last Thursday. This first phase corresponds in particular to the lifting of the 10 km limit and the reopening of middle and high schools.

This Thursday, April 29th, Emmanuel Macron revealed in an interview with the regional daily press the timetable in four phases of the return to normal. The first of them arrives this Monday May 3rd. It is particularly characterized by the lifting of travel restrictions and the reopening of middle and high schools.

Travel authorized again

This is the main measure of this first phase of deconfiguration: from this Monday it is again possible to move freely for more than 10 km. This marks the end of the exceptional travel certificates during the day.

Interregional trips to the metropolitan area are again permitted. It will be possible to move from one region to another for no reason and without the risk of a fine. However, special rules still apply to trips to Corsica and overseas France.

The gradual resumption of SNCF traffic

As a result of the lifting of travel restrictions, additional trains will run in France from May 3rd. By then, four out of ten TGVs were circulating, one Intercités in two and eight out of ten TERs (in Occitania, the traffic of the latter returned to normal this Saturday). The SNCF’s transport services will be gradually improved, in particular to reach eight out of ten TGVs on May 7, then practically all of them during the May bridges.

The bus connections will also be gradually resumed. Flixbus announced the reopening of its domestic routes on May 7th. The Blablacar buses will resume a little later, on May 12th.

Middle and high schools reopening in half lane

While their elementary and kindergarten cadets were resumed on April 26th, middle and high school students will resume classroom classes on Monday, albeit with a few peculiarities. First, recovery is at half strength for all students, alternating between face-to-face and distance learning as they did before delivery. For college students, we’re starting 100% face-to-face again, with the exception of 4th and 3rd year students of the 15 most pandemic-hit departments who will also have a half-track. No department of Occitanie is affected.

On the other hand, in the smallest case discovered in a class, and this in all departments, Covid is closed for a period of 7 days. Regardless of the school level (elementary school, college or high school). The government announced massive use of self-tests, initially ordering 64 million for teachers. You have to do two a week. Students over 15 will be invited to participate in weekly participation starting May 10th.

The extended vaccination campaign

No novelty exactly as of this Monday in terms of vaccination. However, it should be noted that since Saturday it has been open to anyone over the age of 18 with at least one comorbidity. Thus, all adults with obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or respiratory disease can have their first injection. This affects four million people. This measure should make it possible to fill the many available vaccination places. On Sunday there were 295,000.

Maintain status quo for companies and curfew

For the reopening of businesses that are not considered essential, as well as the easing of the curfew, we must wait for the second phase of deconfinance on May 19. The curfew will then be postponed to 9 p.m. and clothing stores, toys, perfumeries, beauty institutes … can reopen. Decoration and hardware stores with more than 10,000 m² are also affected.

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