Deep time: Stunned explorers did not see time go by

The essentials The experience of the Deep Time field ends this Saturday morning after 41.5 days in the Lombrives Cave in Ariège. The 15 explorers had 36 hours to prepare for the excursion. Now is the time to study the data.

A bit thinner, but happy to take up the challenge. This is the face that the 15 members of the Deep Time team should present to the approximately fifty accredited journalists who will come to Ariège this Saturday morning to immortalize their exit from the Lombrives Cave.

Those who had not met a living soul in forty days were surprised to find themselves confronted with Jérémy Roumian and Mélusine Mallender on the curve of a gallery on Thursday evening.

The Director of Operations at Deep Time and the Director of Images, Production and Parity told them the experience ended at exactly four p.m., exactly forty days after they descended into the cave on Sunday March 14th.
They all looked shocked and thought they had a week left. It is not easy to trust your biological clock without having the slightest clue about the passage of time.

Since then, Christian Clot and his experienced companions have had 36 hours to get used to the idea of ​​returning to the surface.

That Friday morning they were visited by Stéphane Besnard, a specialist in neurosensory conflict, and Quentin Montardy, whose studies focus on emotions. The discoverers answered an initial series of questions, combined with a blood test, samples of which were sent to Foix for analysis.

Jérémy, for his part, has increased the number of trips to and from the outside world, as it will very quickly be necessary to remove the 4 tons of equipment necessary for the life of the camp and for the scientific experiments closely monitored by the CNES, CNRS many other. Laboratories around the world. In particular, he reassured the logistics team in a room in the Ussat City Hall. “They are fine. They are tired and the cold is holding them back. But they are fine.

This Saturday morning they will answer journalists from all over France, but also TV channels from Switzerland, Spain and Germany. “Not to mention that we had requests to broadcast the live press conference in Belgium, the Netherlands and even Saudi Arabia,” says Coralie Jugan, the expedition’s press attaché. Then go to the shower, 10 minutes away. A hot shower that you’ve probably dreamed of for 40 days.

MRI at the Brain Institute for everyone

On Sunday, the Deep Time adventurers will fly to Paris in two groups. Visit the Brain Institute for control MRIs. It has now been long months of studying the data collected before, during, and after the passage in the cave that begins. In perspective, advances in research on the plasticity of the brain, on Alzeihmer’s disease, but also on living conditions comparable to what they could be for lunar-based engineers. Target moon 2024 … or later!

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