Delphine Jubillar Disappears: Petition Calls for “Truth” and Calls on Prosecutor to “Speak”

The basics A petition published on the Internet on Saturday demands that “the public prosecutor” speak about the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar on the night of December 15-16 in Cagnac-les-Mines in the Tarn.

A petition regarding Delphine Jubillar’s disappearance from the Tarn was put online on Saturday to ask “the truth” about the affair.

“Delphine Jubillar disappeared on the night of December 15-16. No news for almost 6 months,” it said. The petition, entitled “The Truth for Dolphins and Their Loved Ones”, calls for “the prosecutor to speak”.

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The text also says: “Children, families, friends, colleagues need the truth. A mother cannot disappear like a bird leaves its nest. Delphine was a gentle mother, loving, attentive, a devoted nurse. to pursue his work in the Albi Clinic. “

Published on the website, this petition garnered more than 400 signatures within 24 hours.

The investigations of the gendarmes of the research department of Toulouse and the research brigade Albi have not yet found the 33-year-old nurse, mother of two children.

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