Delphine Jubillar’s disappearance in camouflage: the reaction of Cédric’s lawyer after anonymous testimony was revealed

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyer, the essential master Jean-Baptiste Alary, responded this morning after two testimonies on condition of anonymity pointed to tension in the couple and Delphine Jubillar’s desire to leave her husband.

I, Jean-Baptiste Alary, reacted on Monday March 8th after testimony on condition of anonymity from France Bleu and BFM recalled elements already known, namely “tension within the couple” and Delphine Jubillar’s desire to see her husband leave. “It is always very difficult to respond to an anonymous testimony. The comments made by this person only concern them,” explains Me Alary La Dépêche du Midi. “I take what you say with many reservations.”

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“What is surprising is that a few days after Delphine Jubillar’s disappearance, the gendarmerie issued a call for witnesses. I hope these people have bothered to report to the gendarmerie. If these people testified, I will to do.” be able to reply when I have access to the file. Or they testified anonymously outside the trial and reserved their testimony for the press. In that case, I’ll brush these testimonies aside. With the back of the sleeve … Anonymous testimonials condemning Cédric Jubillar, there are thousands on the internet, it’s a joke. “

“If these items have been submitted in the process, it is clear that they have not been retained. Cédric Jubillar is not involved.”

A “mutual divorce” on the table

Me, Jean-Basptiste Alary, notes that Cédric and Delphine Jubillar each consulted a lawyer in the context of a “mutual consent” prior to “mutual consent”: “It is not wrong to say that“ the couple had difficulties ” i alary.

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Delphine Jubillar, a 33-year-old nurse, mother of two children, aged 20 months and 6 years, mysteriously disappeared from her home in Cagnac-les-Mines on the night of December 15-16, 2020 (81) . The whole puzzle is annuity. Tensions existed within the couple. The gendarmes from the Toulouse Research Department, assisted by their colleagues from the Albi Research Brigade, continue the investigation. A judicial investigation has been opened for “kidnapping and foreclosure”. Different hypotheses are examined: kidnapping, accident or suicide, even if his profile does not really fit, without ruling out a voluntary disappearance.