DEPECHE INFO. President Emmanuel Macron will be in balance on Wednesday

The essentials While Lot’s deputy Huguette Tiegna announced in a press release on Monday morning that she was inviting the President of the Republic, the editorial staff of La Dép sameche learned at the same time that Emmanuel Macron’s business trip was planned for this Wednesday, in the Lot.
The LR MP from Lot decided the final details of the visit of the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, who is expected this Thursday in Cahors and Labastide-Murat, the stronghold of Aurélien Pradié.

Should we see campaign strategies? Certainly, and it’s fair game 20 days before the departmental and regional elections. At the side of the deputy LREM, candidate for the canton of Gramat with Michel Sylvestre (mayor of the city), we therefore hoped this morning that the president would accept Lot’s invitation.

The official program for the President’s visit has not yet been published. DDM – Marc Salvet

Voted in the Figeac district, Huguette Tiegna emphasized: “” Our Lotoise landscape, diverse, dynamic and innovative, is a lung of national territory, a good reason to believe that this land is deeply resilient and draws from the difficulties with which it is facing an energy […] For this reason I have asked the President of the Republic to soon meet as closely as possible the Lotoises and Lotois, the carers, the economic and association actors, the elected officials, the people who implement and adapt the national measures in our departments based on local needs and expectations “.

In 2019, Emmanuel Macron attended a school in Lot before joining Souillac to lead the “Great National Debate”. DDM – Marc Salvet

In an interview with our colleagues from Zadig magazine, the President of the Republic confided in this “happy rurality”: “I love the Lot, Figeac, Cahors”, where he finds “a form of happy rurality”.

Emmanuel Macron had used his trip for the great debate to meet the actors from Lot. DDM – Marc SALVET

Gérard Larcher will go to Cahors and Labastide-Murat; Emmanuel Macron in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie?

When a new phase of deconvolution approaches, would Emmanuel Macron come to those Lot lands he loves so much on June 9th for some really fresh air? We confirm from a reliable source that his trip is being organized and that he is expected in the Lot this Wednesday … For the time being, nothing has leaked out about his visit and even less about the official program. But he told himself that he could go to Saint-Cirq Lapopie, where he particularly appreciated the reception of Gérard Miquel, Mayor (LREM) of the city (one of the most touristic villages in the department) and former president of the department, Lot Department.

In Souillac, during the Great National Debate in January 2019. DDM – Marc Salvet

On the other hand, the program has already been set for Gérard Larcher’s arrival in Lot this Thursday. It is Aurélien Pradié, Republican MP of Lot’s first constituency and list leader in the regional elections, who announced: “In the morning the President of the Senate will be in Cahors to deal with the subject of handicrafts, then in the afternoon at Labastide-Murat, for agriculture” .

LREM on one side; LR, on the other hand, Lot will be the subject of all electoral matters this week.

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