Did you know magpies have a funeral ritual?

In the collective unconscious magpies are money thieves or nests … Surely for nests it is somewhat true that this bird makes its nest by stealing those of other species … Sometimes they even steal the eggs Magpie is also talkative, and when some of chat with them, the cacophony can quickly become unbearable …

Yet the magpie was an animal full of compassion, and sometimes the chatter was the “burial” of one of her late companions … This is definitely what a study by Dr. Bekoff revealed, which was published in The Telegraph.

People bury their dead in various rites associated with each culture! And it seems that magpies also have a special ritual when one of them passes from life to death! These burial scenes have already been observed in elephants and gorillas.

In a video published in 2013, we discover magpies surrounding the body of one of them! Then the magpies around him peck and chat. Are you trying to wake her up? Or is it a way of saying goodbye to him?

A way to say goodbye to him? Photo credit: Shutterstock / Butterfly Hunter

Magpies express their pain!

According to the author of the study, it would be more like the second hypothesis! After many studies of magpies, Dr. Berkoff of the University of Colorado that the chatter heard in this video is unusual. Like a kind of funeral complaint! And it is thanks to one of his personal experiences that he came to this deduction.

In his book, The Emotion of Animals, Marc Berkoff explains that he has seen this type of scene and these particular chatter. And he adds that he could also observe that the living magpies deposited blades of grass on the body of the deceased. Animals are sentient beings. Why can’t they feel pain when they lose one of their own?