Did you know ? There are many houses built completely upside down!

At NeozOne we love to talk to you about tiny houses, A-shaped houses or containers … But this time the house we found is quite unique! Imagine the ceiling is your floor … So that your furniture is on the floor but hanging from the ceiling?

So you enter the attic and then go upstairs (or downstairs) to the front door, which is suddenly on the top floor! This inverted house actually exists and is located in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. It is definitely worth a look! And she’s not the only one in the world!

Taiwan’s Upside Down House has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in just a few years! Furnished and totally atypical, it must be really nice to visit … There are many upturned houses in the world … Here is a small collection of upturned houses!

The upside down house “house is upside down” in Austria

As in Taiwan, this house in Tyrol in Austria attracts tourists … furniture glued to the ceiling and even a Volkswagen New Beetle glued to the garage floor … impressive and the opportunity to take incredible photos.

The upside down house “house is upside down” in Austria. Photo credit: Shutterstock / sasimoto

Upside down “Wonderworks” homes in the United States

In the United States, there are several upturned houses at the entrances to the museums of the WonderWorks Learning Center, which focuses on scientific exhibitions. So we can admire these houses with buried roofs in South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida or in the state of New York!

The wrong “Wonderworks” houses in the USA. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Luiz Barrionuevo

The Upside Down House in Szymbark, Poland

It is the only upside down house in Poland. It is located in the Szymbark Regional Education and Promotion Center. It is furnished in the purest style of the 70s and also inspires many visitors.

The Upside Down House in Szymbark, Poland. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Dziewul

And in France?

Indeed, an overturned house was installed in Lille on the occasion of an exhibition “Lille 3000” in 2013 … Unfortunately it had to be dismantled, victim of all kinds of vandalism … Too bad it was really cute, this little house on top of it Put the roof!