Diego Maradona: His lawyer is accused of kidnapping him before he died

Mainly Claudia Villafane, the ex-wife of the Argentine soccer player Diego Maradona, accused the former lawyer of the soccer player live on Argentine television of “kidnapping” him and “leaving him to torture himself”.

More than three months after the death of soccer star Diego Maradona, crazy rumors continue to stir up the circumstances surrounding his death. Claudia Villafane, his former wife from 2003 to 2008, recently implicated Matias Morla, Maradona’s lawyer, before all of Argentina.

During a program broadcast on the Argentine broadcaster America, the widow of the “Pibe de oro” intervened live to accuse him and took advantage of the airborne presence of the counsel to lawyer Mauricio D’Alessandro. “He wants to make me look bad. The truth is, it’s not me. He knows that. He (D’Alessandro) is defending someone who kidnapped Diego. I don’t want to continue listening to these atrocities after she left him, to torture yourself, “she said.

“Diego’s death is not a coincidence”

As evidence, Claudia Villafane made phone calls in which Matias Morla asked Maradona not to stay in the hospital and not to go to her daughter Gianinna. “Don’t let Gianinna take you with him. If he goes to her house, we’ll lose him. Many people’s work depends on me. There will be money for everyone,” we can hear in this recording.

And the star footballer’s wife does not offend herself: “There must be someone to blame. They have to go to prison. Diego’s death is no accident. Diego should never have died like this if he had been treated well.”

Currently, only the seven members of Diego Maradona’s medical staff are affected by the courts on charges of manslaughter.