DIRECT. Impatience, fear of loneliness …: the confidence of the Deep Time participants who will be locked in a cave for 40 days

The basics It is the D-day for “Deep Time”, an extraordinary scientific experiment that will be locked underground for 40 days in a cave in Ariège with about fifteen people. Follow the start of this mission all day this Sunday with La Dépêche du Midi.

Take a cave with 15 people in the dark for 40 days: you will get “Deep Time”, the unprecedented scientific experiment that starts this Sunday March 14th at 8pm in the Lombrives Cave in Ussat in Ariège. This mission will make it possible to study the response of the human body, biological clock and especially the mind of the participants to these extreme conditions of daily life.

During the day, thanks to this live, you can follow the latest preparations for this mission live with La Dépêche du Midi. (If you don’t see the following window, please disable your ad blocker.)