DIRECT. Ligue 2: The TFC now has to take a break against Caen in order to move up in Ligue 1 (1-0 at halftime). Follow with us the second period

the essential TFC – Caen, Saturday, May 8th (8pm), day 37. The Toulousains have to win in order to still hope for second place in the overall standings, which guarantees a direct promotion to Ligue 1 at the end of the season .

They know that their fate is no longer in their hands. The TFC players, who finished 3rd in the Ligue 2 classification at kick-off, are 4 points behind the Clermontois, the inmates of the coveted second place. And for good reason: it offers direct promotion to Ligue 1 for the next season without passing the play-off test.

The mission is simple for Toulouse, who have three games to play this season: win everything and hope for Clermont’s misstep (the Auvergnats only have two games left on their calendar).

First meeting that Toulouse shouldn’t miss: this Saturday, May 8th, at the stadium against Caen, the 18th at kick-off.

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