Disappearance of Delphine Jubillar: wait for a result in Cagnac-les-Mines

The essential Delphine Jubillar, a young 33-year-old nurse, has been missing in the Tarn in Cagnac-les-Mines for more than three months. If this mysterious disappearance fueled all conversations for the first few weeks, the Cagnacois are now demanding to regain their anonymity, far from the media hurricane.

Three months after the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar in Cagnac-les-Mines in the Tarn, the feeling that now prevails in the village is tiredness. The residents are tired of hearing about this matter, seeing the gendarmes, journalists, the curious and coming back, and are tired of hearing the name of their village associated with this news.

On the main square in front of the school, Wednesday morning is synonymous with a weekly market. A couple of stalls and trucks, not much more, and regulars showing off in droplets. Not really talkative, some people prefer to get in touch. “I am not from here”, “No, I have nothing to say about this story”, the hand raised as a shield. To the meat cart, the same, end of the inadmissibility. “No, we don’t talk about it anymore, we don’t want to talk about it anymore.” Obviously. Others are more sociable. Karine smiles behind her pastry rack. She fondly remembers the young nurse. “She came every Wednesday around 11am, 11:30 am. I was surprised not to see them one day (Editor’s note, Delphine Jubillar disappeared on the night of December 15-16), and I understood why when I saw the papers a few days later. Obviously, in the first few weeks we put the poster we were looking for on the stand, which got people talking. Today we removed it, it’s no longer worth it. Fear also fueled the conversation. It has fallen behind, everyone is striving for more normalcy. “

“In 74 years in the village, I’ve never seen that before”

Paul hastily leaves the market. He stays there for a few minutes. He knows his village by heart. “I am 74 years old, I was born here and have always lived here.” In a way, a reminder of the village. “We can only make assumptions. Today it is mainly journalists who feed this story, because here we hardly talk about it anymore. What is certain is that we have never seen this before. So many gendarmes, helicopters in the sky for days. So we wait now. I’ve seen things, minor accidents, that made headlines, but such excitement … never, ”he breathes. “I have a farm two kilometers from here. There were about a hundred people on my land on the day of the big blow. They explored, raked, searched everything … The investigators have come to examine the wells … “, the Septuagenarian adds and raises his arms to heaven in a sign of incomprehension and helplessness. His feeling? “We will see”.

Bernard and Sandrine prefer to stay discreet behind their fruit and vegetable stand: “As in all markets, we talk about rain and good weather. It’s cold, people don’t linger. We think about it, yes, it can be felt. But we want to go on. “And they both return to take care of the only customer.

“Concern has given way to the need for answers”

The village seems to be almost busy on this Wednesday morning just before noon. A little queue has formed in front of the post office. We park in front of the bakery in double order and go just as dry. Jean takes out the wand in hand. “Looks like everyone is new to people disappearing. Like those kids who beat each other up like they never existed, “it burst out, quite annoyed by the endless excitement.

Ingwilde, mother of two, didn’t come out just to make an appointment at the local hair salon. She kills the time on her cell phone while she takes time on a bench near the market: “I find it unimaginable that you would abandon your children. After that, there are so many contradictions in what we hear and read that there is fatigue. The concern has given way to the need for answers, the need for a result. “And to insist:” I do not believe a voluntary departure, after all, it is possible “.

A little further on, a neighbor of the couple shares her impressions three months after the strange disappearance: “Without the children she would never have left,” she immediately lets go, as the relatives of the young nurse have often repeated for weeks. “She was always with them, always in the recreation area,” says the small park near the market square, just a stone’s throw from the Jubillar family home.

Concern, incomprehension, tiredness, the village of Cagnac-les-Mines oscillates between different feelings. With a result in sight, if not happy, at least quickly.