Discover Macron’s challenge to Mc Fly and Carlito Youtubers!

Macron asks the two YouTubers to create a YouTube video that reminds us of the importance of barrier gestures … Photo credit: Screenshot YouTube / Mc Fly and Carlito

The youngest of you absolutely knows the two Youtubers Mc Fly and Carlito. The authors of the Modern Dictionary are known for their good words and humor. It seems that Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, also knows the two friends. In a video

Macron urges the two YouTubers to create a YouTube video that reminds us of the importance of barrier gestures. If the video reaches 10 million views, the two YouTubers will get the right to “shoot the Elysee”! Challenge accepted by Mc Fly and Carlito, who urgently shot with a clip! 5,791,603 views on February 22nd at 10:07 am… The challenge seems to be on the right track!

Mc Fly and Carlito’s answer is “I remember” … A clip that oscillates between yesterday’s freedom and today’s restrictions. Yes, this challenge seems pretty fun, it’s not trivial … In fact, YouTubers, by definition, have quite a young audience, even teenagers! By using their notoriety to get the message across, they accomplish what appears to be the least respectful of these barrier gestures. Maybe because they heard too much that they weren’t a population at risk, who knows?

Yououtubers will not benefit from these millions of views from internet users! They promised to donate the entire proceeds of the clip to a student solidarity network: Agoraé. The virus does not let itself be disappointed, the variants are more and more present. The Alpes-Maritimes are likely to have the first local containment … The importance of barrier gestures is at the center of all concerns. Using Young Youtubers to target young French people might not be a bad idea, right?