Discover Petlink, a distinguishing mark for your pet!

Spring is coming and with it long walks in the forest with your dog … But is your four-legged friend well protected if he runs away or escapes you? As the good master you are, you have probably had an electronic chip identified him. This is an excellent thing, but if your dog is lost it is important to have a chip reader to be found …

Do you know Petlink, the little medal that is linked to the identification chip and that every smartphone owner can use to find you when they find your lost dog or cat? A small device that is extremely simple and really very affordable and recommended by veterinarians and animal welfare organizations.

What is PetLink?

Petlink is presented as a small indestructible medal that can be attached to your dog’s collar. It is resistant to everything: games, walks, unexpected baths! Once you’ve received your tag, all you need to do is create a free account on the Petlink website and fill in your contact details and your pet’s characteristics. Then hang it on your dog’s collar … nothing more to do!

There are two ways to get the medal: either you can get it from your veterinarian or the shelter where you are adopting your companion, or you can order it from the Petlink website.

Petlink how does it work?

Imagine your dog gets lost while walking in the woods. A person finds him in the forest and scans the QR code on the medal. As the owner, you will then immediately receive an SMS informing you that someone has found your animal. You will then receive the contact details of the person who found them and can call them back. However, the person who finds your dog will not have access to your contact information. Everything is done in accordance with the GDPR (data protection)

Petlink is presented as a small indestructible medal that can be attached to your dog’s collar. Photo credit: Nathalie for the Neozone.

Petlink how much does it cost?

This little medal is really a big help. All of our dogs have theirs and never leave them! A plastic label costs € 6, but there are also metal models for flirtatious dogs. There is really no point in depriving your dog of finding you as soon as possible if he’s lost.

There are also metal models for flirtatious dogs. Photo credit: Nathalie for the Neozone.

Our opinion on Petlink

Our dogs have had plastic labels on them for over a year! They don’t move over time and they never come off the collar … and of course the QR code remains a surefire way to identify your pet if it’s lost. Not everyone has a chip reader, but 95% of us own a smartphone! The count is done very quickly! We recommend this little medal at 1000% which doesn’t really cost much in relation to what it can bring. The calmness of finding your dog quickly is priceless! In addition, the Petlink Medals make it possible not to overload shelters or pounds with found animals waiting to be picked up by their owners.

A little extra if you can find your pet thanks to Petlink. A few hours later you will receive a message asking how your dog or cat is doing. Nice that you are checking into Petlink!

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