Discover the glass bracelets and made in France Michaël Vessière

In less than 10 days you will have to think about your grandma because it is her birthday on March 7th! A flower ? Chocolates ? What if you were a little more original with a handcrafted gift that came from a large French glass house? Discover the know-how and the beauty of the bracelets of the house “Michaël Vessière”, master glassmaker in Lorraine since 1882.

Lorraine, cradle of Baccarat crystal and this company that offers unique creations. The jewels are made in collaboration with glassmakers from Lorraine … Different styles, different tones, but all of exceptional quality. Discovery!

Why choose a bracelet?

The bracelet is a little gem that can be worn on a daily basis and that we can think about much more than a pendant. It is a symbol of the affection we have for whoever receives it. Choosing a bracelet made in France means opting for French-made glass art that is considered obsolete or inaccessible.

A simple colored or originally shaped glass bead gives the feeling of belonging to a clan or a family. What could be nicer than a bracelet to express our bond with our grandmothers? For a year now, these women have been suffering from a lack of grandchildren. What’s better than a pretty bracelet? Duo Box, for an even more indestructible connection? And on Michaël Vessière’s website you are spoiled for choice!

The Mirabelle de Lorraine bracelet

Photo credit: Michaël Vessière

Our favorite is the Michaël Vessière bracelet with the title “Mirabelle de Lorraine” as a tribute to this region of France. The mirabelle plum is the symbol of Lorraine! The bead is completely handmade, with a flashlight and on an adjustable cord that is guaranteed for life. Lorraine is made up of 15,000 tons of mirabelle plums every year … a fruit the region is proud of. So wearing them on your wrist is a great tribute to this region whether you are local or not! It is absolutely beautiful! There is no more hesitation, except when choosing the model, but it’s great, Made In France, durable … In short, the ideal gift to offer or offer yourself elsewhere! (Mirabelle de Lorraine bracelet: 34 €, available in 4 sizes)

The chakra energy bracelet

Photo credit: Michaël Vessière

This bracelet wants you well! Why don’t you give it to your grandmother this Sunday? The chakra energy bracelet will bring your energy back into balance and could affect your subconscious. When thousands of chakra bracelets come to us from abroad, it is indeed Made In France, made in Nancy, in the tradition of Charles Schneider glasses.

Blue stone for the wisdom of the spirit, red for money and / or work, green for love and health

The stones are handed over on a black satin cord, adjustable…. (44 € / available in 4 sizes)

The silver-blue treasure bracelet

Photo credit: Michaël Vessière

The Trésor d’Argent Bleu bracelet particularly symbolizes the talent of the Lorraine glassworker. The talent paired with glass rods and a silver leaf gives this fabulous result. The translucent blue stones attached to the satin cord look more beautiful in everyday life or in the evening … The Trésor d’Argent Bleu is the pride of wearing a French jewel on your wrist! (44 € / available in 4 sizes)

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