Dispute over drug trafficking in Auch: The 15-year-old sets fire and threatens with a knife

The Basics A 15-year-old minor tried to resolve his argument amid the drug trafficking by setting a man’s building on fire and then threatening him with a chain and knife that weekend in Auch.

A 15 year old minor started a fire in the building of the person he is conflicting with. He was taken into custody, released, and set out the next day to resolve the dispute under threats with a chain and knife. It is a story that played out in two acts this weekend and that the police station is also trying to clarify.

A fire that caused the evacuation of the residents of the building

The police were alerted for the first time about an arson which had been committed on the night from Friday to Saturday in the district of La Hourre, rue du 88e Régiment-d’Infanterie, on the third floor of a building. Firefighters quickly put out the fire, which came from a grill on which an isolated 15-year-old minor had burned various objects and fabrics. The residents had to be evacuated.

A local resident then reported to the police that the young person was hiding in an apartment. He was arrested and taken into custody. On Sunday morning, the children’s judge decided to subject him to a judicial review under duty of care. He was placed in child welfare. The teenager was released.

Drug trafficking is at the center of the conflict

But his argument, which takes place against the background of drug trafficking, has still not been resolved and the young man finds his 39-year-old opponent in the early afternoon at the foot of his building, still on Rue du 88e. The miner then threatens him with a metal chain and takes out a knife. Threats that worry the man in his thirties calling the police. The youth is arrested again and taken into police custody.

The victim of the threat is heard for the purpose of the investigation. But taken into custody: the latter would also be the author of a stab in the arm of the teenager. The two protagonists of the case were eventually released. The investigation continues.

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