Do I have to take out the driver guarantee?

When you get auto insurance, it’s easy to think that this contract covers everything! Property damage, of course, but also personal injury! And it is also often assumed that damage to the driver is also insured!

Error, serious error that can lead to serious consequences in the event of an accident … If the “driver guarantee” is not compulsory and does not appear in the basic contract, it must be taken out at the same time as your car. Insurance … In the event of an accident, whether responsible or not does not, does it cover driver injuries, sickness compensation, etc., etc. Whether you are insured “All Risks” or “Third Party”, the driver’s warranty (or protection) must be fully mentioned in your car contract.

What does the law say about car insurance?

You benefit from liability insurance in your motor vehicle insurance contract. And if one could believe that civil liability includes damage to the driver, that is a mistake … This liability includes:

Personal injury and property damage to others (passengers, pedestrians)

Thus, if the driver is responsible or if there is no possibility of taking action against the responsible third party, he is not necessarily insured. The law also does not provide for compensation for personal injury as a result of an accident such as incapacity for work, disability, funeral expenses. And it doesn’t cover any medical expenses that are not covered by health or mutual insurance!

What about driver protection?

Before you see the damage it covers, it’s good to know who it is protecting! However, check your insurance policy, some cover only the designated driver (s) and others cover all drivers of the vehicle.

However, there are three good reasons to take out a “driver guarantee”:

In the event of a culpable accident, you will be compensated for your bodily harm. Existing damage is at your expense.

And many other guarantees …

We immediately think of bodily harm, but what’s next? Always according to the same principle, check your insurance contract carefully, after that it will be too late … This is how driver protection can also cover:

Medical expenses that are not covered by the health insurance or the mutual insurance associations Loss of earned income immediately after the accident Physical or mental suffering as a result of the accident Help from third parties in daily life

These actions are generally carried out until consolidation, which is decided by the referring doctor. After years of consolidation, this protection can also cover permanent functional deficits, external services and cosmetic damage!

Review all of your insurance guarantees. Photo credit: Shutterstock / FGC

And that’s not all, because in the event of death, this protection can come to the aid of those who remain! In particular, it can reimburse funeral expenses: Nobody puts money aside for a sudden death! But also the loss of income of the surviving spouse or children … And the prejudices of affection that the loss of the victim suffers.

Most of the insurers worthy of the name offer the Driver Guarantee to their customers … if they don’t, request the subscription, life can change in no time and you or your loved ones could get totally confused! However, if you did not have this insurance and you need help, do not hesitate to contact the Victimes et Avenir association, which specializes in helping victims of all accidents!

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