Do you know the benefits and existence of birch sap?

In naturopathy there are sometimes natural elements with unexpected virtues … This is the case with birch sap! A product that may not necessarily be available in all households, but it turns out to be an almost indispensable ally! Birch is one of the richest trees, one of the strongest.

From the leaf to the sap, through the buds, the benefits of the birch are known … And the healing of the birch sap at the end of winter is an undeniable benefit for our body *. Find out what birch sap can do for you!

The composition of the birch sap

Birch sap is harvested directly from the trunk, as is possible from pine sap. It is often eaten in the spring at harvest time, but it can still be stored. This translucent liquid is rich in vitamins, magnesium, trace elements explains the body femmeactuelle.

And it has a little sweet taste that is not unpleasant! By consuming this natural nectar regularly, we would gain tone and reduce certain problems related to kidney stones, rheumatism, or joint pain.

The benefits of birch sap

If you are on a diet with the goal of losing weight, birch sap is a perfect addition. It won’t make you lose weight, but it will help you lose weight. For skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis, detoxifying the skin helps reduce the symptoms associated with these diseases. The same goes for dermatitis of the scalp. Thanks to its composition, birch sap helps reduce kidney stones. Renal colic causes very painful attacks. Working juice can prevent these stones from occurring.

And that’s not all !

Working juice brings a lot of mineral salts into the body and is a perfect ally for athletes. Thanks to its invigorating virtues, birch sap also helps to stimulate the elderly or those recovering. It also helps in improving cardiovascular function. And finally, it helps fight certain intestinal parasites. Better than a pro so as not to hurt the tree. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Balakleypb

How does birch sap taste?

To discover its slightly sweet taste, it is best to consume it in the spring, shortly after the annual harvest. However, you need to choose it exclusively organic and consume it quickly. It does not pose a risk, contraindication, or interference with therapeutic treatment.

As with any natural food supplement, however, it is advisable to stop every 3 weeks for 10 days so that the organism can regulate itself. And obviously it is necessary to adhere to the doses recommended by the manufacturers.

You can also harvest it from birch yourself, but it is better for a professional to do it, so as not to harm the tree … As with any profession, there is a know-how that preserves the health of the tree.

* Working juice can be considered a dietary supplement and can provide benefits. However, it does not replace therapeutic treatment by a doctor.