Do you remember the retractable armor in Iron Man 2? A YouTuber just recreated it!

You are a fan of the Marvel Universe and would dream of playing as Thor or Iron Man! It is also the wish of an American YouTuber, Jake Laser, engineer and fan of Marvel superheroes. While some characters will remain fictional characters forever, others like Iron Man are a little closer to humans …

Jake Laser, owner of the JLaservideo channel on YouTube, is a specialist in this universe. For this new stroke of genius, he decided to play Tony Stark by recreating the Mark V combo. There is only one step from there to Iron Man.

It is known that superheroes have super powers! Superhuman strength, exceptional endurance, mastery of the elements or time … we sometimes want to be in their place. Maybe Jake Laker thought that by making Iron Man’s red armor, he could become one?

45 kg armor!

After the black panther’s claw shoes and mask or Spiderman’s web launcher, he attacks the mythical combination of Iron Man. 45 kilos of cold-rolled steel, that’s the weight of the material that Jake Laser needs to achieve his “work of the seventh art”!

In one of his latest videos, the YouTuber explains the entire design of his armor in 20 minutes. It goes without saying that no plan was proposed to Jake Laser, explains the website His personal work and overflowing imagination allowed him to do his job. There are no toys to help him either!

A plasma cut!

With the help of a plasma cutting machine, he therefore made his red suit piece by piece. In the video we also see him risking blows, flames, etc. To see if he can, like his superhero! The armor is not complete and does not fully unfold, but the work is just fantastic. Maybe this gives some ideas to some toy designers?

If you’re fans of Iron Man and Lego, we’ve found something new from the German brand! Kind of a puzzle halfway between the puzzle and the diamond puzzles! 3156 Pieces of a single brick need to be repositioned to recreate the superhero’s face … if at least you don’t build a metal suit like this Youtuber, you’ll be kept busy during this third incarceration!