Do you sleep badly How about if you just try on the night socks?

Sleep well ! Some do it, others want to do it … There is nothing more uncomfortable than walking around in bed in search of the sleep you hoped for! Some rely on sleeping pills, others endure their insomnia by reading or staring at the stars …

But for a few weeks now a very simple trick has been buzzing on Tik Tok! Assuming that body temperature plays a key role in falling asleep, a doctor offers a very simple trick: put on night socks! But why not have thought about it openly? Glamor will fade after you sleep!

You may have tried everything to sleep like a baby, but you have one last chance: socks! There is an old saying that if you have cold feet, you are cold anywhere, right?

Tik Tok-Star, Doctor Jess Andrade, explains that wearing socks acts on blood vessels and therefore regulates body temperature. By putting on socks, the brain would send a message of “comfort” and a signal to fall asleep. In fact, wearing socks increases blood flow to the feet, which would make it easier to fall asleep.


I wear socks in bed so don’t come up to me, I’m not weird

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Heat from glamor 🙂

Several studies have already recommended taking a hot footbath before bed … It is true that having ice cubes instead of your feet while lying down is very uncomfortable, isn’t it? A study published on ScienceDirect in 2006 already confirmed his remarks and some have been using this method for centuries … Remember those big wool socks your grandmothers knitted !!!

However, be careful when testing socks for sleep. Make sure you choose socks with no elastic around the ankle. This has the opposite effect on your blood vessels. We have used this method for a long time and it’s a shame for the glamor side, the main thing is to get a good night’s sleep, right?