Do you still have a blanket at 40? It’s normal, explains this psychologist!

Are you 40 years old and still sleeping with a blanket on? Do not put yourself down! Gwénaëlle Perisaux, a psychologist specializing in attachment, explains to MagicMaman magazine that there is no shame in having a blanket … and that there are more of us than we are for a stuffed animal, a nin-nin or an old t-shirt keep sleeping!

In children, the blanket is omnipresent and qualifies as a transitional object. He lets children calm down when their parents are not with him. Whether in the children’s room or at night, alone in bed … But why do adults hold a blanket?

The function of the blanket in adults

As with children, it remains a transitional object, a kind of connection between the “past” and the present. When a student is hundreds of miles from their child’s room, the blanket calms the unknown. Transitional objects protect those who turn their lives upside down.

According to the psychologist, touching or feeling her blanket would bring immediate comfort. The smell brings you back to childhood, to “calm you down” and helps to cope with the stress that arises from the unknown. This also applies after a separation, the blanket calms down, comforts! It can also be a way to hold on to a loved one who is sometimes missing and who gave the blanket.

No it’s not a shame!

In our society, where independence is constantly valued, a blanket that has passed 10 years can be the subject of ridicule. However, the psychologist estimates that most 25- to 35-year-olds still have a blanket or thumb sucking when they are alone. Even so, there is no age to have a blanket. It is an object that soothes. So why deny it?

A transitional object, a kind of connection between “past” and present. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Evgeny Savchenko

What kind of blanket for an adult?

For children, we often combine the blanket with a funny plush! This can also be the case with adults, if the plush “comes” from childhood … But it could also be a photo, a pillow … Any object in the end, as long as it calms you!

The psychologist nonetheless suggests some feeling of insecurity for those who keep a blanket as an adult … and if you want to keep your blue rabbit or green bear all your life, there is no need to deprive yourself of it! Find out more about the attachment links to Gwénaëlle Perisaux’s book:

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