Does drinking coffee after 4 p.m. really prevent you from sleeping?

When we are addicted to the world famous and consumed hot caffeinated drink, it happens quite often that we refuse a coffee after 4pm! In the collective unconscious, drinking coffee after 4 p.m. prevents sleep. However, a new study by Verena Senn, neuroscientist and sleep specialist at Emma-The Sleep Company, explains that this misunderstanding may not be a reality.

A somewhat special mechanism would allow coffee to keep us awake and alert throughout the day without preventing us from sleeping. Coffee would not prevent sleep but should still be consumed in moderation.

According to IFOP, the French’s passion for coffee cannot be denied! In fact, 62% of the French consume it every day, pods top the rankings at 67%, and ground coffee tops the list at 53%. And in terms of the number of cups there are 482 cups of coffee per year and per person. For some of whom we are probably a lot more!

The American College of Cardiology estimates that 2 to 3 cups a day can help lower blood pressure. We told you this recently. Other studies claim that regular coffee consumption can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

62% of the French use it every day. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Wavebreakmedia

What about sleep?

One of the main disadvantages of coffee is the occurrence of gastric disorders which, if drunk too late, would prevent sleep. And Verena Senn refutes this hypothesis. And here is his explanation. During the day, we use energy through our activities, increasing our production of adenosine, a substance that blocks areas of the brain that encourage wakefulness. Conversely, adenosine activates those who help sleep. Caffeine easily prevents the activation of these areas, inhibits the effects of fatigue and increases alertness.

Coffee can therefore physiologically influence sleep, it extends the sleep phase by shortening the duration of sleep or changing its quality. However, this does not apply to all organizations. There is no scientific answer to the effects of coffee on sleep! It is best to test yourself on your organism. Some can have a coffee at 11 p.m. without expressing the slightest discomfort while falling asleep, others can only drink it in the morning when there is a risk of a bad night. A little coffee can’t hurt; a whole coffee machine a day can effectively rob you of those quiet nights.

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