Dogs absorb human food better than nibbles and therefore poop less …

When you’re eating and having a gourmet pooch, either you can’t resist his sad eyes begging for a piece of cheese … or you feel guilty for giving him “human” food. Have you ever tried eating his croquettes?

We often hear that sharing your food with Doggie is really bad! A recent study by researchers from the University of Illinois shows that, ultimately, it’s not as bad as you might think! These researchers claim that human food is more digestible than dog food … and they take their feces as evidence! This research was accepted for the Oxford Academic Journal of Animal Science and has been the subject of several reviews.

Four tested diets!

To run the test, the researchers fed 12 beagles with chilled and fresh “human” food instead of nibbles!

An extruded diet (croquet batter) based on Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice A chilled fresh diet (chicken) A fresh diet (beef and potatoes) Another fresh diet (chicken and white rice)

Both fresh diets included “human” chicken, beef, broccoli, rice, and carrots!

The results !

Study author Kelly S. Swanson from the Department of Animal Sciences and the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Ireland was very surprised at the result. While dogs’ appetite for extruded diets has not diminished, they seemed very interested in fresh product diets. Even with products that are processed by major animal feed brands.

What are the effects on dogs?

According to the weight curves created during the study, dogs that ate nibbles needed to eat more to maintain their healthy weight. And on the fecal side, they produced between 1.5 and 2.9 times more feces than dogs that ate humanely. Their conclusion was that fresh food, whether for dogs or humans, is digested much better than processed food. The microbial analysis of the excrement shows that the microbial communities for fresh food and industrial food were different.

Their conclusion was that fresh food, whether for dogs or humans, is digested much better than processed food. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Yangtak

What did dogs eat when there were no nibbles?

The first animal croquettes appeared in 1956! The dogs had to be fed well in advance of this date! And of course they ate the remains of our plates! Most of all, according to the researchers, pet food is a great way to reuse meat waste that we humans don’t eat! Ultimately, this study establishes an essential point! Ultimately, is dog food a commercial rather than a health problem for our animals?

Personal note:

On a personal basis and on the advice of a trendy “biological and natural” veterinarian, we steam frozen or fresh “human” vegetables every day for our hairy … zucchini or sweet potatoes for a shiny coat, leeks for digestion, carrots for vitamins … of course without spices!

Believe it or not, our dogs are crazy about vegetables and are doing very well. The cost of that little extra vitality is absolutely ridiculous (around € 3 a week for a 40 kilo dog)! Everything accompanied by Reglo nibbles (with insects)! Cook a small weekly batch and you have your ration for the week! And we can’t resist a little piece of cheese … The only forbidden foods are chocolate and sugar! Free yourself from guilt! Cook for your dog if you like it, he won’t blame you!

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