Dogs don’t recognize our faces, explains this study

You own a dog and imagine that he is happy when he sees your face! You will be disappointed with this scientific study which explains that your dog will be happier to see a different dog than your Trombin. That doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t like you.

He even loves you, but it’s not worth preparing to please him, he doesn’t care about your face … this maybe explains why he gives you a damn good party in the morning when you’re still like one Zombie looks … Explanation.

Dogs recognize … dogs, but not people!

According to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, dogs aren’t “wired” to focus on a human face … just show your dog a photo and they’ll see they don’t “recognize” you! On the other hand, the study shows that the sight of another dog “turns on” your brain in a few thousandths of a second …

Researchers examine MRI scans of humans and dogs and watch videos of humans and dogs. The human brain reacts to the sight of a familiar face, but a dog’s brain does not. However, canine brains send out cerebral “sparks” at the sight of another congener, explains

“Faces are at the heart of human visual communication … and the human brain also specializes in faces,” said Attila Andics, co-author of the study, animal behavior researcher at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest.

But why then do they seem to recognize us? Photo credit: Shutterstock / Nadezhda V. Kulagina

But why then do they seem to recognize us?

When dogs, on the surface, attach very little importance to human faces. However, there are many other “detection” factors that come into play. The dog is more responsive to voice signals sent to it, according to this other study. But also on body odor or the way you talk to him.

To perfect these conclusions, the scientists presented videos of dogs and people (face, back, face) to 30 people and 20 dogs. The videos were shown in random order. Brain scans have shown that visual areas of the human brain light up at the sight of a human face, not the dog’s. On the other hand, dogs’ brains reacted more strongly than humans to watching a dog video. Your dog can feel or hear you, but at least not physically recognize you …

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