Double murder on the Cevennes: The refugee Valentin Marcone surrendered this Friday evening

The essentials The 29-year-old man was in the search area of ​​the gendarmerie.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, Valentin Marcone surrendered this Friday evening on the run for four days. The alleged killer is taken into custody and heard by the police.

“The person was arrested at 7:25 pm near the Saint-Marcel de Fontfouillouse church in the research area,” said another source close to the investigation, also referring to a “surrender without resistance”.

“He was in full camouflage uniform. He was holed up. His hiding place was found just moments before his surrender,” said another source close to the investigation. “He probably had the feeling that everything was getting worse against him, that he had no way of escaping.”

Nîmes Prosecutor Eric Maurel will hold a press conference this Friday evening at 9:30 p.m.

The man had wanted to surrender in the Gard since Tuesday.
Many thanks to all agents of the state for their extraordinary mobilization, day and night, during these last 3 days. In particular the 350 gendarmes under the judicial investigation, the prefect and the sub-prefect of Vigan

– Gérald DARMANIN (@GDarmanin), May 14, 2021

Valentin Marcone had been wanted by 350 gendarmes since Tuesday 11 May. He is suspected of killing two people at his workplace in the village of Plantiers on the Gard.

“Extremely Painful” Research

The GIGN was also there to hunt the suspect in difficult terrain: According to General Philippe Ott, the second in command of the Paca region, the search was “extremely painful, even dangerous”. Thermal, air and dog friendly agents were used.

Research is all the more delicate in view of the refugee’s profile: “Being able to survive, used to the mountains and hunting,” says General Philippe Ott, Valentin Marcone also knew very well the area in which “he had practiced shooting”. .

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