Drinking coffee before a workout would increase fat burning, this study says

Drinking strong coffee before exercising can help you burn more fat. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Petrovich Nataliya

A small, tight espresso before you run? But what a funny idea is that! A new study from Spain claims that drinking strong coffee before a workout would help burn more fat.

This study, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, was carried out by scientists from the Department of Physiology at the University of Granada (UGR). Sports and coffee lovers, did you think the two weren’t compatible? Well, this study says the opposite … Do a little “squeeze” before your aerobics session, it will be even more beneficial for your accumulated fat!

Therefore, if we are to believe this study, you should drink a cup of strong espresso-style coffee (3 mg / kg) about half an hour before your workout! This would significantly increase the rate of fat burning regardless of the type of sport being played. If you also exercise in the afternoon, the effect of caffeine on fat is even greater.

This study therefore rotates the throat following the recommendations of exercise in the morning on an empty stomach to increase fat oxidation. Because scientists think they don’t know whether this increase is due to lack of food or exercise.

The test in detail

To conduct this study, 15 men performed 4 stress tests seven days apart. Some ingested coffee at 3 mg / kg caffeine, others a placebo liquid at 8 a.m. and then at 5 p.m. The rate of oxidation was then measured on each of the subjects. And the results showed that those who drank coffee increased fat burning during exercise.

Athletes who drank coffee increased fat burning during exercise. Photo Credit: Shutterstock / EZ-Stock Studio

This was not seen in subjects who took placebo coffee. This study would therefore prove that caffeine enables an increase in the oxidation of fats. However, be careful, as with any caffeinated beverage, coffee should be consumed in moderation. All you have to do is pause your exercise classes, preferably in the afternoon after a good coffee … but no pastries to accompany it!