Drinking tea would be beneficial for high blood pressure, says this new study!

Apparently this virtue of tea had not yet been brought to light. Image Credit: Shutterstock / Photo Hunters

We all have tea in our cupboards in sacks or in bulk! When consumed for pleasure or with friends, a recent scientific study attributes it to benefits in arterial hypertension (HTA). This study, published in the journal Cellular Physiology & Biochemistry, doesn’t explain the benefits of tea that we all already know …

On the other hand, it comes back to exactly the power tea would have in reducing arterial hypertension. Apparently this virtue of tea had not yet been brought to light. We explain everything to you!

What is high blood pressure?

According to INSERM, this chronic pathology affects about one in three French people. Blood pressure is caused by too much blood pressure in the arteries. It is a major risk factor for stroke or myocardial infarction.

Often this pathology goes undiagnosed and can have serious consequences. According to this study, normal tea drinkers are less affected by high blood pressure than those who don’t.

3 cups of tea a day seems to be the prescribed “dose”. Photo credit: Shutterstock / nuu_jeed

The researchers attribute this finding to the flavonoids in tea. These flavonoids are natural antioxidants found in green or black tea. They lower blood pressure by activating the KCNQ5 protein. The same protein would increase the volume of blood vessels (vasodilation).

With moderation!

Drinking tea would be beneficial as long as you don’t abuse it … 3 cups of tea a day seems like the prescribed “dose”. So choose a more organic black or green tea.

Even if this study is reputable and scientific, drinking tea does not cure high blood pressure! Consult a doctor if you have any doubts about your blood pressure. Drinking tea can only improve the effects of high blood pressure.