Driving on the fuel reserve is not a really good idea!

You have probably already seen a little orange light on your dashboard. You know the one who tells you it’s urgent or almost urgent to go to the gas pump! But don’t panic, the light comes on to indicate that your car is in reserve.

That means you have about 8 liters of gas left and 50 miles to go, or even more if you are not too heavy! It also depends on the type of lanes used and the type of fuel … While we wait for refueling, we still avoid starting on the hubcaps and unnecessarily accelerating … Unless the idea of ​​pushing your vehicle inspires you!

Which factors do the last kilometers depend on?

There are several things that go into the number of miles left when you go to reservation.

The faster you go, the more fuel you will use. Logic. The engine of your vehicle. With a diesel or even a hybrid you drive more kilometers than with a gasoline engine. Loading your vehicle … The heavier you are, the more you consume! Logic too! The condition of your tires, which makes your engine more greedy if the air pressure is too low. We use less traffic on the roads on the motorway than in the city! The condition of your car is also important: oil changes, fuel filters, the more worn they are, the more you consume

Why do you have to maintain your vehicle to gain kilometers?

Certain mechanical parts require regular maintenance to avoid more serious breakdowns when you drive in reserve. The air filter, spark plugs or not changing the oil in time can lead to excessive fuel consumption. And that goes without saying, it all depends on the capacity of the fuel tank of your car …

A priori, you should be able to cover more kilometers with an Audi A3 than with a Twingo (CQFD)! In general, the warning light comes on when there is 10% fuel left in the tank … To find out how many kilometers you still drive when your on-board computer does not give you a display, estimate a consumption of 10 liters per 100 and 10% of the tank be great! With 5 liters, in a 50 mm tank, you should be able to cover 50 kilometers!

All of these will of course tell you current vehicles and you don’t have to do any clever calculations. Nevertheless, it is best to avoid the standby mode, the lack of fuel is not the best thing!

Why not drive in reserve?

Even if the filters that vehicles equip today are efficient and in most cases reduce the risks for the vehicle, one should not play too much with the reserve. And for many reasons …

If the display of your vehicle were defective, you cannot estimate the remaining number of kilometers. In addition, when driving with an almost empty tank, it is not uncommon for deposits on the bottom of the tank to clog the injection system. And if you run out of fuel with a diesel engine you run the risk of not being able to start because the pump will be deactivated! Just a quick visit from a mechanic can help you restart! And a gasoline engine can restart if you find:

An empty can A gas pump Good trainers for filling the can! Don’t stay around. Image rights: Shutterstock / Daniel Jedzura

After all, running out of fuel may have been an old flirting technique, but it’s gone. Going to the pump before your light turns orange is even more careful … and for you who are in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. And for your car!

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