Drugs, law enforcement, prisons: Emmanuel Macron’s safety announcements ahead of his trip to Occitania

The essential Emmanuel Macron wants to initiate a national debate on drug use and confirms the recruitment of 10,000 police officers and gendarmes by 2022. The head of state defends his safety record in an interview with Le Figaro.

A year before the 2022 presidential elections, while his agenda has been imposed for many months by the health crisis, Emmanuel Macron decided on security. The head of state gives Le Figaro a long interview this Monday, April 19th. He defends the results of his action in terms of safety, but also makes several announcements. Here’s what to remember.

A National Debate on Drug Use

Emmanuel Macron wants to launch “a great national debate on drug use”. It recognizes that “human trafficking is exploding” and “forming the economic matrix of violence in our country”. For the head of state, “to say that hashish is innocent is more than a lie”. Their goal: “to harass human traffickers and traders”, including “in previously spared small towns”. The head of state says a deal point closes every day. “See how life is changing in the neighborhood!” He says. He announces that 70,000 solid fines have been imposed since September. These fines of € 200 punish the use of narcotics.

10,000 confirmed hires by 2022

Emmanuel Macron had already announced the hiring of 10,000 additional police officers and gendarmes by the end of his five-year term. It confirms that goal. “Every police district will invariably have more police at the end of the quinquennium than at the beginning.” 4508 police officers and 1706 gendarmes have already been recruited.

Emmanuel Macron, who is expected in Montpellier on Monday, will announce the arrival of fifty new police officers in the city, according to Midi-Libre. He will also announce the creation of a “Continuing War School” in Montpellier, as well as the modernization of the uniform and the replacement of the cap with a cap. Another affirmed promise was the renewal of 50% of the police fleet.

The head of state took the opportunity to direct a pike at his predecessors: “It wasn’t me who suppressed CRS companies or impoverished certain police stations!”

No “systemic police violence”

Emmanuel Macron used the term “police violence” in December but immediately contradicted it. In Le Figaro he affirmed: “There is no systemic violence by the police, it is wrong; there is no systemic racism by the police, it is wrong, no more than it is.” There are some in the gendarmerie or within the state. ”He reiterated that“ some unions wanted to instrumentalize this debate ”.

Violence in decline, according to Macron

Emmanuel Macron points out that violent thefts, break-ins and vehicle thefts have decreased by 18-25% since he took office in 2017. On the other hand, he recognizes a “sharp increase” in violence against people, violence by 38% within the family and sexual violence, which he attributes to “the salutary liberation of the victims’ speech and the mobilization of the police”.

15,000 prison places confirmed

Also in his interview, Emmanuel Macron confirmed the creation of 15,000 new prison places during his five-year sentence. “We’ve already started 7,000, and I’ll keep the 15,000 there too. We’ll take the remaining 8,000 off at one go. Starting this week, the government will come up with the action plan and locations for these additional locations.”

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