Due to deforestation, the Amazon rainforest warms the atmosphere instead of cooling it

We already know the hour is bad for the Amazon rainforest! This “lung of the earth” is gradually disappearing under the influence of massive deforestation, which does not seem to worry the governments on which it depends! A recent study of 30 researchers wants to be even more alarming than you imagine. According to this, the Amazon rainforest releases more gas than it stores in plants and soil.

Therefore, the Amazon would have a major impact on the global climate. By disappearing, it would warm the earth, not soften it! Its role as the green lung of the earth is gradually waning and it is very worrying!

This new research is the most comprehensive to date. They demonstrate the influence of the Amazon rainforest on the global climate. Fire, land clearing and drought trap the heat in the soil and warm the entire earth’s atmosphere. In addition, the jungle can no longer offset greenhouse gas emissions … Human activities, and especially tree burning, are gradually gobbling up the global carbon budget!

The study in question

This study differs from the previous ones because it takes into account gases that warm the climate. These gases circulate in the Amazon rainforest and make it possible to assess the direct effects of human activities. Previous studies only focused on CO2 (absorption and storage) as it is the most common gas in the atmosphere.

However, scientists believe that if human activities continue, the forest will become a source of carbon, not a sink. In other words, it would produce more CO2 than it can absorb. And in the near future, as scientists estimate that shift will be in 2035.

Scientists estimate this shift will be in 2035. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Rich Carey

Fears for the whole world!

The increase in illegal deforestation activities makes researchers fear a total change in the Amazon. This dense and fairly humid forest could become a much drier place. Two other active ingredients are involved in the announced climate change: N20 (laughing gas) and CH4 (methane). They are less present than CO2, but their effects are much stronger than greenhouse gases. So N20 stores 300 times more heat than C02. Do we better understand why the earth might be warming up?

The increase in illegal deforestation activities makes researchers fear a total change in the Amazon. Photo credit: Shutterstock / guentermanaus

This is the first study to include all of the data and the researchers aren’t very optimistic! In fact, the Amazon rainforest is so vast that changes that might seem minimal elsewhere are becoming a major problem in this forest!

Then there is the construction of dams, mining, floods, storms … But also soil compaction and pastures, and we have the alarming picture of a dying Amazon rainforest! The only solution: to reduce deforestation, some governments would have to ban it, and a priori it won’t be the day before yesterday! An ecological catastrophe that has long been announced and which is confirmed!