Easter Monday: Heavy traffic on the A61 and A64 to Toulouse before the curfew

The essentials The traffic was heavy on this Monday evening on the A61, the A20 and the A64 in the direction of Toulouse. Bison Futé had classified this Easter Monday in orange for the three-day weekend returns.

If you’ve had the chance to leave, this long three-day weekend leading up to the new lockdown has undoubtedly done you well. For this long weekend return, Bison Futé hoisted the orange flag on the streets across France.

A serious accident that occurred around 5 p.m. on the A9 near Bages in the Aude in the direction of Perpignan / Narbonne disrupted traffic considerably. Three cars collided. Two people were seriously injured and evacuated to Narbonne Hospital and Languedoc Polyclinic. This serious accident, which led to the neutralization of two of the three tracks, resulted in a delay of up to forty minutes. Vinci Autoroutes invited its customers to leave the A9 in Sigean and take department 6009 before returning to the motorway in Narbonne-sud.

As is so often the case, traffic on the A61 between Narbonne and Toulouse was heavy, with an additional hour of travel time between the two cities at 6 p.m., 2h20 instead of 1h20. When crossing Carcassonne in Bram and Castelnaudary, slowdowns between Narbonne and Lézignan have been reported.

Bypassing Montauban on the A20 was difficult at the end of the day. We drove up to 9 km slower to get to the toll and join the A62 towards Toulouse or Bordeaux.

On the A64, the toll in Lestelle caused problems at the end of the day. Up to 16 km slowdown between Maut and Martres-Tolosane, then as far as Cazères in the direction of Tarbes / Toulouse.

Difficulties have also been reported on the A68 near Gaillac towards Albi / Toulouse.

On the other hand, the Toulouse ring road remained fluid at the end of the day. The only incident that was reported that Monday evening around 7:30 p.m.: an accident between five vehicles on the western ring road near the Minimes in the direction of Tarbes / Bordeaux.