Easter weekend: heavy traffic on the Toulouse ring road, first slowdown in Occitania

The essential bison futé has a green Friday but an orange Saturday scheduled for launch. This Easter weekend is marked by the entry into force of new restrictions against the Covid-19 on Saturday. The first traffic jams occurred in the region.

A three day weekend that brings something good! The traditional Easter weekend is finally here. Many of you have a three day weekend to relax. As in 2020, the Easter weekend is marked by Covid-19, this time with the entry into force of new travel restrictions from this Saturday, April 3rd.

The first slowdowns appeared on the Toulouse ring road in the early afternoon. At 4 p.m. the traffic is already charged:

on the west ring road between the junction A624 / ring road and Empalot in the outward direction between Empalot and La Cépière, then between Minimes and Sesquières in the inward direction between Palays and Rangueil on the south ring road

On the eastern ring road, an accident just before Sesquières disrupts traffic in the outward direction from Balma in the direction of Montpellier / Bordeaux.

An accident occurred at kilometer 201 on the A20 in the direction of Montauban / Toulouse. Two out of three lanes are currently closed and a slowdown of 3 miles is reported.

Everywhere else the traffic on the motorways in our region is flowing at 4:00 p.m.

Orange Saturday towards departure

If this Friday is classified green in the direction of the departures, then the Saturday of Bison Futé is classified as orange in the direction of the departures throughout France. Monday is classified towards the return orange.

Numerous police and gendarmerie controls are planned for this Easter weekend.