Egypt orders 30 additional Rafale fighter jets from France

Essential Egypt will order 30 additional Rafale fighter jets from France, a source familiar with the matter cited Monday.

Egypt will order 30 additional Rafale fighter jets from France, a source familiar with the matter that was revealed on Monday and partially confirms information from the investigative media Disclose. Cairo, a major customer of the French defense industry, was the first foreign country to buy Rafale (24) in 2015.

The aircraft manufacturer Dassault declined to comment on this information.

An order worth 3.95 billion euros

“Indeed, discussions are very advanced with Egypt and announcements could be made very soon,” said AFP, a French government source, in response.

According to Disclose, France and Egypt signed a € 3.95 billion deal on April 26 for the sale of 30 Rafale fighter jets and two other deals for the MBDA missile and Safran Electronics & Defense. An Egyptian delegation was due to initial the agreement in Paris on Monday.
A source familiar with the matter confirmed the order for 30 devices without specifying the financial terms.

The success of Rafales abroad

This sale will confirm the late but real export success of the French fighter jet. On behalf of Egypt, then Qatar (36) and India (36), 18 copies were sold to Greece in January, 12 of which were used copies.

And the next few months could be good, hopes Dassault Aviation: The Rafale is in competition in Switzerland, Finland and Croatia. “It is up to the customer to communicate about this type of order, but if this announcement were confirmed it would be a great success for French industry and employment in France,” responded Cédric Perrin to AFP on Monday., Vice- President of the Senate Defense Committee.

According to Disclose, which cites Egyptian government documents listing the terms of the contract, Egypt has received a loan guaranteed by France of up to 85% to finance these purchases, potentially causing French taxpayers to default.

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