Electric bicycle: Carrefour starts electrifying bicycles with conversion kits

High-end batteries are installed right in the store. Image credit: Virvolt

We know e-bike sales have skyrocketed since the initial lockdown. The Carrefour brand is also entering the market for electric bicycles with a special approach. Thanks to a collaboration with the start-up Virvolt, the Carrefour store in Carré Sénart in Lieusaint (77) starts electrifying classic bicycles.

A repair and electrification workshop is now offering its services. A great idea to keep your bike and turn it into an electric bike! A good idea, but not achievable for all budgets.

Specifically, you can convert your bike with a conversion kit in the electrification workshop. If the start-up and Carrefour are part of a recycling and circular economy approach, this retrofit is not accessible to everyone!

It takes at least € 820 to convert your bike to electric. The high-end batteries are installed directly in the shop. The workshop is open Monday through Saturday and a Virvolt expert can answer all of your questions.

A Virvolt expert will answer your questions from Monday to Saturday. Image credit: Virvolt

Is that good business?

€ 820 is still a hell of a lot! Unless the bike has an inestimable or sentimental value, new and high quality electric bikes are sold for around 1300 €! If you take advantage of the bike bonus set up by the Ile-de-France region, which can be up to € 600, a new bike costs € 700.

The regional premiums are different, but the workshop takes place in Ile-de-France. This is the currently applicable mobility bonus. Good or bad operation, we will not judge! Either way, the idea is good, maybe the price will drop if the excitement matters?