Emmanuel Macron is interviewed by Selena Gomez and pledges to send vaccines to Africa

Emmanuel Macron has pledged to send vaccines against Covid-19 to Africa.

On Sunday April 25th, Emmanuel Macron announced the sending of vaccine doses against Covid-19 to Africa. “It’s time to share,” said the President of the Republic on Twitter. “France has just sent the first cans for Covax. These AstraZeneca cans, as I speak to you, are flying to West Africa.”

“Our goal with these donations is to give all countries, especially in Africa, the opportunity to vaccinate their populations with the highest priority, starting with the health workers,” continues the head of state.

Interviewed by Selena Gomez

This statement by Emmanuel Macron comes a few hours after Selena Gomez arrested the president. The day before, the singer had actually urged several leaders to campaign for better access to vaccines.

As reported by Le Parisien, the star will host the “Vax Live” concert on May 8th, accompanied by Jennifer Lopez and the Foo Fighters, to raise funds to help fund vaccinations around the world.

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