Emmanuel Macron slapped by a man: what we know about his aggression

the essential Emmanuel Macron was beaten by a man in the crowd on Tuesday June 8th during the Head of State’s visit to Tain-l’Hermitage in the Drôme. The head of state has reacted and wants to protect the public debate from “ultra-violent people”.

It is undoubtedly relaxing that Emmanuel Macron came into contact with the people who visited him that Tuesday afternoon at the Tain-l’Hermitage hotel school in the Drôme. One man beat Emmanuel Macron before he was arrested and taken into custody. The gendarmes have to clarify his motives.

It is this Tuesday at 1.30 p.m. Emmanuel Macron visits the Tain-l’Hermitage hotel school in the Drôme to celebrate the reopening of the dining rooms this Wednesday June 9th. At his side are the chefs Thierry Marx and Anne-Sophie Pic. At the exit, the head of state improvises a tour before getting to his car.

Suddenly a man in the crowd behind the security barriers grabs the head of state and slaps Emmanuel Macron. At the same time he starts: “Montjoie! Saint-Denis! Down with Macronie!”

Emmanuel Macron’s security service quickly gets the president out and controls the man. He was arrested by the gendarmes of Psig de Valence (police surveillance and intervention train).

An attacker unknown to the judiciary

The man who slapped Emmanuel Macron is called Damien T. He was arrested like a friend of the same age who was by his side, Arthur C. You are from Saint-Vallier in the Drôme. Damien T. is a fan of martial arts and medieval costumes. Until this incident he was not known to the judiciary. The gendarmes still have to clarify the man’s motives.

The attacker’s group of friends was interviewed by a team from Daily on TMC an hour before the slap. One of the members of the group had used these words to describe his political beliefs: “anarchy”. The phrase uttered by the attacker is a motto related to royalty.

Four hours before the attack, our journalist interviewed passers-by who had picked up the president. Among them the man who slapped Emmanuel Macron. ud83d ude36
Meet u2b07 ufe0f # Daily pic.twitter.com/7XirSBqaUX

– Daily (@Qofficiel) June 8, 2021

He faces 3 years in prison

The two men are being taken into police custody for “willful violence which did not result in an official incapacitated”. An attack on the President of the Republic is an aggravating circumstance. The man faces 3 years imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros in accordance with Article 222-13 of the Criminal Code. The penalty would be much higher if the head of state had been injured. The Prefect of Drôme has lodged a complaint

Emmanuel Macron puts it into perspective

Emmanuel Macron assures us that he is fine and wants to put an incident into perspective, “which he describes as” an isolated fact. He makes sure that he continues to step in front of the public to discuss or take pictures of what he did in Valence on Tuesday afternoon before taking a proper tour with his wife Brigitte at the end of the day. But he warns in an interview with Dauphné Libéré: “Let us not take isolated facts, ultra-violent individuals, as there are always some at the demonstrations, into possession of the public debate: They do not deserve it.”

The indignant political class

Emmanuel Macron’s slap in the face sparked many political reactions during the day.

“This time you are beginning to understand that the violent are taking action? I am in solidarity with the president,” launched the rebel leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

“I find such behavior unacceptable” and “deeply reprehensible in a democracy,” said the chairwoman of the National Rallye Marine Le Pen, who traveled to Meurthe-et-Moselle.

“Slapping the president in the face means slapping the republic. Unbearable, unacceptable,” said LR Damien Abad, head of MPs. The same tone of voice from Marlène Schiappa, Deputy Minister for Citizenship, who said that “if the President of the Republic is attacked, every Frenchman will be hit”.

Former President François Hollande was outraged by the “unbearable and unbearable blow to our institutions”. “In view of this unspeakable gesture, the whole nation must show solidarity with the head of state,” he pleaded.

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