End of life: Right-wing MPs block a bill that creates a right to euthanasia

The main 3,000 amendments, including more than 2,500 tabled by MEPs alone. Republicans and the National Assembly will prevent the vote on MP Olivier Falorni’s bill, due to take place on Thursday April 8th.

It should be discussed and then voted in the National Assembly after that Thursday, April 8th, but its examination should make all of this impossible. The controversial bill by MEP Olivier Falorni (from the group of centrists Libertés et Territoires) creating a right to euthanasia for people with an incurable pathology has received more than 3,000 amendments. It cannot therefore be voted on in the parliamentary niche of this group.

“A quartet of MPs is claiming parliamentary obstruction to prevent the assembly from debating an important social problem,” said Olivier Falorni. He denounced the fact that MEPs Les Républicains (LR) and Rassemblement National (RN) tabled a large number of amendments to a lesser extent. More than 2,300 for the former, 200 for the latter.

2,158 amendments by 5 MEPs

Just as indignant, the former LREM MP Matthieu Orphelin remarks that five LR MPs alone have submitted 2,158 amendments and denounce a “shameful strategy of disability”. “It is parliamentary democracy that is being called into question,” regretted Olivier Falorni, who accused these MEPs of having multiplied the “copy and paste” amendments.

2,500 amendments … Shameful strategy of obstruction of MPs @lesRepublicains (including 5 to 400 amdts each …) The #FindeVie law will therefore not be passed next Thursday … 96% of French support these measures. Shameful! pic.twitter.com/nZGPsqpirm

– Matthieu ORPHELIN (@M_Orphelin), April 3, 2021

Bas-Rhin MP Patrick Hetzel, one of the authors of the most prolific amendments, has got rid of any anti-democratic enterprise: “It is good, because we have arguments, that we are tabling amendments. This issue deserves REAL debate and therefore REAL time for Discussions, “he tweeted.

You are wrong because we have arguments that we should table amendments. This topic deserves REAL debate and therefore REAL discussion time. Some people want to avoid, or even avoid, the debate. Https: // t. Co / t3oGHd8tOh

– Patrick Hetzel (@patrickhetzel), April 2, 2021

Euthanasia is a sensitive issue that divides all political groups and is embarrassing to the government, but several majority members have supported the proposal of the Charente-Maritime elected representative, including the President of the Commission by Lois Yaël Braun-Pivet. This law therefore had a good chance of being passed. But we have to wait, much to the regret of the “millions of French who hope that this law will finally be passed,” said Olivier Falorni.

Millions of French people, including Line Renaud, who supported the radical left MP, saw in this law “an essential advance that should no longer be prevented” …

On Thursday, the MPs have to check a text in capital letters. I am sending you this letter today. I am counting on you, who represent us, to vote for this law, which gives everyone the opportunity to choose their #FindeVie. This is a major advance that should no longer be prevented. Line pic.twitter.com/1lmDHZYVr0

– Renaud line (@linerenaud) April 3, 2021