Energy comparator: which energy supplier should you choose?

Thanks to the liberalization of the energy market, it is now possible for every household to choose a supplier according to their needs. It is also possible to switch to another energy supplier at any time. However, you need to find more attractive offers first before you decide to switch providers. Hence, the energy comparator is the tool that can help you. So we go further on how such an online tool would help you find a better energy business.

The energy comparator: what is it?

A power comparator is a device that is usually put online by a power brokerage company. Its main function is to help consumers find attractive offers. It is a free tool with a database that records all the details about the energy supply to several energy supply companies. Based on the information provided by the consumer, the comparator draws up a list of proposals that meet its criteria.

If the currently drawn energy offer turns out to be less attractive compared to the offers of the competition, the customer can suddenly use a comparison of the energy suppliers in order to find better conditions with other suppliers.

How do I use a comparator to change your supplier?

Energy suppliers are currently legion. This plurality is the basis of intense competition for a larger market share in a fundamental sector. It is sometimes possible to find a supplier who alone has more than four offers. In such a context, there is no doubt that using an energy comparator will help you find the best formula that will save you money. You just have to know how to do it.

There are several energy comparators on the internet. All you have to do is go to the homepage of one of them and follow the process. When you have selected the energy comparator to be used (most of them work in the same way), you will be asked to fill out a so-called comparison form.

This form asks for your address, the meter type, possibly your current energy supplier and your estimated average energy consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh). Your request will then be processed and you will be offered a highly filtered list of energy offers that take your location and consumption parameters into account. It is then up to you to choose the proposal that suits you best.

What happens next?

You have now selected your energy supplier with an energy comparator. You now need to sign a contract with the selected company. To do this, you must first apply for a contract by contacting customer service directly or, if possible, filling out an online form. You will then receive a confirmation that your request has reached you either by email or by phone.

Your details will then be checked to make sure everything is in order. You will then receive a confirmation that your request to change the current energy provider has been taken into account. Your new contract will be sent to you and there you will find all the details such as the terms and conditions, the applicable tariff plan and the date on which it comes into force.

After receiving your contract, you have 14 days to cancel it free of charge. After this time, you can consider the change to be successful. Your new supplier informs your distribution network operator of the changes made, which in turn asks for your index values. An average of 30 days after your request, your adventure with your new supplier can begin.