Engineer, musician, retired: why you came to Railcoop

The essential climate, citizenship, opening up territories … Three members of Railcoop, a Lot-based cooperative railroad collective, explain why they decided to take part in the adventure.

Stéphane Coppey, 58 years old, Marseille, engineer and former manager of TER development in the Toulouse region Stéphane Coppey DDM

“Like many citizens, I understand that the SNCF is too big a structure to change. So if we want to change anything, we have to innovate and enable users to regain something that they are tied to: the train.

Civil society is an attractive concept for this. We are not here to compete with the SNCF, but to go where it no longer wants to go. For this reason I came to Railcoop in April 2020. At that time I was working in the ‘Objectif train de nuit’ association and through exchanges and studies I discovered the existence of Railcoop.

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As a former manager of EST development in the Toulouse region, I bring my knowledge to the project, in particular by co-moderating one of the eight think tanks related to the service, which will be set up in 2023. “

Claire Vaillant, 50 years old, Montluçon, musician Claire Vaillant DDM

“The state has completely given up the small lines. In Monluçon we feel abandoned and inland. I often have to go to work in Lyon and can no longer take the train there, unless it takes 6 hours, while it was only before lasted three hours. ”

There are very few trains left to get to Paris today. For example, you have to take a bus to Bourges or Vierzon before you can reach the capital in 3 hours.

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It saddens me to see that it is the citizens who have to organize to make up for the shortcomings of the state. This does not only apply to the train, which should be part of the common good: I am active in an association that helps migrants, here too we are remedying the deficiencies of the state.

I like the dynamism of a collaborative project, I think it’s good to be consulted and that it’s not based on a commercial goal. “

Bruno Jouassain, 70 years old, Grenoble, retired Bruno Jouassain DDM

“What attracted me to the Railcoop project in the first place is starting a business from scratch with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Of course, like many French people, I am very attached to the train, but mainly because of the environmental aspect of the project I wanted to participate.

Contribute to the ecological transition of transport by using what is already there on the rails, but changing the approach inflates it and I liked that!

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Since I was a business strategy consultant for 20 years, I offered to contribute. I don’t know anything about the train, but for that we can rely on a good number of Railcoop members who have all the necessary knowledge. I get my stone to the building by analyzing things and taking a step aside.

For example, I had heard of a German project called Locomore that had ultimately failed. So I did an analysis of this experience to find out what worked or not and thus to get comparisons with the progress of the Railcoop project. “