EXCLUDED THE DEPECHE. LGV Bordeaux-Toulouse: In view of the controversy, the state has announced that it will spend 4.1 billion euros

The essentials According to information from La Dépêche, Prime Minister Jean Castex wrote to Carole Delga and Jean-Luc Moudenc. He announced to them that the state would provide 4.1 billion euros for the high-speed Bordeaux-Toulouse line. Work could begin in mid-2024. A victory for Occitania.

Toulouse will have its LGV. Three days after the outbreak of Carole Delga and Jean-Luc Moudenc and one day after a petition in favor of the high-speed line launched by La Dépêche du Midi, the Prime Minister announces an acceleration of the LGV Bordeaux project. Toulouse. According to our information, this Tuesday, April 28th, Jean Castex sent an official letter to the two elected officials who signed a press release on Sunday demanding responses from the government.

In this letter, the Prime Minister announces the state’s commitment of 4.1 billion euros in favor of this new line. A decisive step for this project, which has been expected by users in the region for 30 years and which is financed equally by the state and the municipalities. A project company in which the New Aquitaine and Occitanie regions, the Toulouse and Bordeaux metropolitan regions are involved, is set up to transport this LGV. The discussions should be completed by the end of summer 2021. With this project company, work can start faster. The website is scheduled to go into operation in mid-2024.

Commissioning by 2030

This excellent news should be welcomed by elected representatives and local business circles who are campaigning for this 200-kilometer high-speed line, which should cost more than seven billion euros. Toulouse is the last regional capital that does not have high speed. With the new route, the capital of Occitania is a little more than 3 hours from Paris, compared to the current 4 hours. This affects the transport time, but also the daily trains. The region anticipates the creation of these new routes in order to bring an RER into operation in Toulouse. The President of the Region Carole Delga hopes that the LGV Bordeaux-Toulouse will be in service by 2030.

In this letter, the Prime Minister also makes commitments for the other LGV project between Montpellier and Perpignan. The public inquiry requested by elected officials will begin before the end of the year for a public benefit declaration in 2022.

More information will follow …

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