EXCLUSIVE. Damien Comolli: “With Patrice Garande we give ourselves time to think”

Posted on 05/31/2021 at 8:59 pm, updated at 9:40 pm

the quintessential “I’m still so mad”. It will be more than 24 hours for Damien Comolli to digest TFC’s Ligue 1 non-entry on Sunday after a game in Nantes marked by a fact that doesn’t fit. After the disenchantment, the Biterrois agreed to return to La Dépêche for his first ten months as president of the Redbird American Partners club. Supported by a shareholder who wants to maintain the same level of investment, the strong man from TFC is also looking forward to the coming season, the transfer window … The players will meet again on June 24th and we don’t yet know if at their top will be Patrice Garande.

We saw you pretty much picked up on Sunday evening. How are you today ? I’m still so mad I still have a deep sense of injustice. Whenever I rightly or wrongly believe that the institution, the club, our TFC community are falling victim to an injustice, I will be there to defend it. And yesterday I felt an incredible sense of injustice. So…

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