Face Slap from Emmanuel Macron: The suspect tried this Thursday, he acted “without thinking”

The basics While in police custody, the man who slapped the head of state on Tuesday June 8th said he had acted “without thinking” to “express his dissatisfaction,” the Valencia Public Prosecutor said.

The man who slapped the President of the Republic in Tain-l’Hermitage during a trip by Emmanuel Macron will be announced this Thursday the 10th.

During his extended detention, the 28-year-old Drômois said he had acted “without thinking” to “express his dissatisfaction,” the prosecutor said. Damien T., “as a couple, without children, without a job”, admitted to having “dealt a blow to the head of state and denounced politics”.

In his opinion, he is “close to the yellow vests movement” and shares “traditional political beliefs of the right or far right” and does not see himself as “a party or an expressed activism”.

Willful intent should not be accepted

“At the moment, it seems that there is no premeditation in the execution of this gesture,” said the prosecutor.

The other person arrested at the same time as the main suspect is later summoned. “Arthur C. will be summoned to court in late second half of 2022 to respond to offenses related to illegally held weapons,” the judge said.

During a search of his apartment, “old books on the art of war and” Mein Kampf “as well as a red flag with a yellow hammer and sickle and a flag of the Russian Revolution were found.

The two men, who live in Saint-Vallier, north of Valence, were arrested immediately after the crime. They are “both unknown to the judicial and secret services”. They are members of associations in their commune “in connection with the martial arts, the Middle Ages and the Manga universe,” recalled the magistrate.

This slap in the face aroused the indignation of the entire political class. Emmanuel Macron, for his part, relativized the gesture and denounced “isolated facts” committed by “ultra-violent people”.

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