Facebook and Instagram are they getting paid?

Basics iPhone users can now turn off tracking of Facebook and Instagram ads on iOS. The American giant is trying to convince them not to.

Did you know that with an iPhone, you can turn off ad tracking on Facebook and Instagram? With a new IOS update, the two social media giants may no longer be able to keep track of your activities while using other apps or browsing the internet. In order to convince users to accept ad tracking, Facebook threatens to bill them for fees.

Some Apple branded users received an informational message on their phone. “For this version of iOS, we have to ask for your permission to track certain data from this terminal,” explains the company, which lists three ways of using the data collected: “Show ads that are more personalized”, ” Support companies that rely on advertising to reach consumers “and ultimately” help keep Facebook free “.

For data protection specialist Ashkan Soltani, Facebook doesn’t hesitate to imply that the restrictions introduced by Apple could result in bills for access to its now free services.

Until 2019 we could read on the homepage of the social network: “Facebook is free and always will be”.

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