Feminicide by Julie Douib: “He killed me”, the damning testimony of his neighbor

the essentials The trial of Bruno Garcia-Cruciani, ex-companion of Julie Douib, opened on Thursday, June 10th, in Bastia. The testimonies that overwhelm the defendants followed one after another. Bruno Garcia-Cruciani is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend in 2019.

“She told me ‘He killed me'”: A neighbor of Julie Douib, the victim of a woman murder that triggered a wave of indignation in France in 2019, overwhelmed the ex-companion of the 10 Assizes from Bastia for murder since Thursday.

“Julie, she was lying with her head in an empty flower pot on the balcony. She moaned. At some point she looked at me and said ‘he killed me’, they were neighbors under Julie Douib. When the victim’s father heard his testimony, he left the courtroom on the first day of the trial of Bruno Garcia-Cruciani.

The 44-year-old man is on trial until June 16 for the 2019 murder in Ile Rousse (Haute-Corse) of Julie Douib, his ex-partner, from whom he had been separated for a few months and with whom he had two sons. He faces life imprisonment.

Before she discovered the victim, the neighbor, alarmed by the shots, said that she had met Bruno Garcia-Cruciani on the stairs: “He stopped, he stared at me. We didn’t say a word to each other.” Another resident described the crime scene that she had witnessed from the parking lot of the residence, alarmed by a first shot: “I saw a person throw himself on the lady and knock her to the ground. They were on the ground Terrace. She is lying down, he is on top of her, he keeps her on the ground by holding her at neck level. She said ‘Help, help’, she raised her hand. The second shot was left at that time “. While in custody, the defendant admitted to having come armed into his ex-girlfriend’s home “to scare her,” an investigator told the bar association.

Fired three shots

A first shot was “accidentally” fired before a second, “deliberately fired”, but which he does not “remember well” because of a “black hole”, just like a third shot, the gendarme continues. When he got home, the defendant said to his brother-in-law: “I’ve done something stupid, take me to the gendarmerie”.

The same brother-in-law was present the day before the events when Bruno Garcia-Cruciani was training in his garden to shoot his children with his silenced pistol, the latter said, the investigators reported. “Don’t do that, think of your children, if you do that, you will lose them,” he then rushed to the defendant, according to the head of the investigation.

The thirtieth of 146 femicides counted in 2019 had raised questions and strong emotions across France in 2019, which led to the organization of a “Grenelle” of violence against women.

Julie Douib, like her father, but also the defendant, filed several cross lawsuits and handrails “in this contradicting separation”.

This process began the day after the government announced new measures following the conclusions of an inspection mission carried out following a woman murder in Mérignac (Gironde) in early May.

Violent towards a previous mate

In this regard, the defendant Camille Radot’s lawyer told AFP before the hearing on Thursday that he hoped his client would be “judged normally”: “We wanted to make this case an emblem, we don’t see why Bruno Garcia-Cruciani should pay that price, ”he insisted.

For the head of the investigation, the motive for the murder of Julie Douib is “connected to a badly digested separation and a secret affair (of the victim) with a sports teacher”. “What he brought Julie Douib to life, he had already brought to life in Saveria,” assured a former companion. At the booth, she told of the violence that Saveria, who was absent from the trial, suffered “in shock” during her hearing in 2019 for the purposes of the investigation, fourteen years after their separation.

Pointing to the fact that he had just discovered that Julie Douib had a new companion, the defendant said in police custody: “I was disgusted on Friday, collapsed on Saturday, on Sunday what happened To be questioned Friday. “I’m just waiting for him to tell us the real truth,” Julie Douib’s father Lucien told the press on Thursday morning.

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